Buying Real Estate Investment Properties in Orange Park Fl
orange park real estate investing

Going south of Jacksonville will lead you into Orange Park, FL. The town founders had big hopes for Orange Park to become popular in the fruit industry, but those hopes were dashed after a long-term freeze near the turn of the 20th century. Orange Park, FL is now one of the most popular locations outside of Jacksonville to buy real estate investment properties. Orange Park, FL is situated on the St. Johns River and offers plenty of aquatic scenery and peacefulness in its 5.6 square miles. Rental homes in Orange Park offer investors untapped real estate markets.

Orange Park is a quiet and posh neighborhood that is home to a mixture of average residents and professionals that hold computer and mathematics related jobs. One of the largest shopping malls in the country sits in the heart of Orange Park and provides residents with over 120 major department stores and retail outlets. The Orange Park Mall boasts a 24-screen theater and a 400-seat food court in a family-friendly environment. Residents of Orange Park enjoy many activities that are easy to take up any day of the week.

Tourist attractions in Orange Park include the Jacksonville Memory Gardens. Celebrities and famous musicians are buried in the cemetery and public memorials attract people from all over the world. Part of the local economy is supported by visitors that frequent the town center and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere provided. Orange Park, FL attracts real estate investors that want to invest in areas outside of the major Florida cities. Rental property tenants appreciate the small town feel of the neighborhoods.

Part of what attracts families to move into Orange Park rental homes is the nearby school districts. There are twenty public schools available that educate children from kindergarten through high school. Parents that prefer private schools have the option of several different private schools to select for alternative educational paths for children. Orange Park, FL also includes three top universities that educate college students from all parts of the country as well as Clay County residents.

The coastal surroundings help to give Orange Park its reputation as an alternative to big city life. The local construction industry continues to expand as new developments are established in the area. The most populated cities in Florida have reached peaks of growth and are no longer expanding at a pace that keeps up with the rising population of retired people, college graduates and new residents that arrive from other parts of the country. Thriving areas like Orange Park, FL continue to be a hotbed for rental property investment growth.

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