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Recent Blogs

JWB Turnkey Property of the Week (8970 Sandusky Ave S)

  This property generates a 10%+ estimated return on investment and collects an avg monthly rent of $1,724 (which goes up in future years!) 8970 Sandusky Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32216 Purchase Price: $235,000 Avg. Monthly Rent: $1,724 Est. Monthly Cash Flow: $317...

Setting Up Generational Wealth with Al Nicoletti

  Probate Attorney, Alfred Nicoletti, joined the Not Your Average Investor Show to break down best practices in setting up a property portfolio that will make sure your children (and their children) benefit from the investments you’re making today. Topics...

JWB Turnkey Property of the Week (7903 New Kings Road)

  This property is currently available and is already rented through 2022. It will provide positive cash flow from day 1 of ownership.   7903 New Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL 32219   Purchase Price: $130,000 Avg. Monthly Rent: $975 Est. Monthly Cash...

Meet John Peyton: Mayor & $Billion Company President

  Former Jacksonville Mayor and President of Gate Petroleum, John Peyton, joins the show to explain how a consolidated local government is an advantage for buy and hold real estate investors. If you’d like to schedule some time to chat with our team about how we...

Impromptu Lessons on Rental Property Investing

  After some unforeseen technical difficulties on this week's NYAIS, I decided to deliver an impromptu rental property investing lesson! I asked our amazing audience to present any questions they'd like to have answered on the show, and man did they deliver! Here...