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A real estate company that puts people first.

Our business fundamentals are built on making a difference in the lives of every individual we encounter. With these fundamentals at the forefront of every business decision, JWB focuses on the things that have the most significant impact on our clients, staff, vendors and residents.

In the last decade, JWB has built close relationships and changed the lives of clients across the country and worldwide. Through these relationships coupled with feedback from our beloved clients, JWB sets the industry standard by redefining world-class customer service. Our clients have full transparency with access to real time data, insightful metrics, and dedicated account managers that allows them to rest at ease with their real estate investments from across the country.

JWB’s 80+ teammates serve as industry experts in the real estate fields of acquisitions, construction, management, and client relations. When a client purchases a turnkey rental property with JWB, they have expectations of performance coupled with a limited stress investment. The JWB team’s motto is to “under promise and over deliver” on those client expectations. With over a decade behind us, JWB has produced consistent, reliable and predictable returns for our clients. As a business which stems from humble beginnings, JWB truly feels blessed and appreciative that the growth of our business is built primarily on repeat and referral business.




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