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About Our City

Jacksonville, FL is the largest city by area in the contiguous United States with over 150 unique neighborhoods and is currently home to over 1.5 million residents . Convenient location, reasonable cost of living, high quality of life, mild climate, and a business-friendly government, also makes Jacksonville a popular location for corporate expansions and relocations.

With over 22 miles of beaches, historic neighborhoods, vibrant arts and entertainment, coastal cuisine and more, the Jacksonville ‘ easy lifestyle ’ has made us an attractive city for relocation, and recently named 5th ‘Most Popular City Moved To in 2019’ in the 2020 Migration Report by
US Census Bureau.

Invest in Jacksonville, Invest in your future

In other states, you can earn positive cash flow as a real estate investor, but you won’t maximize your return on investment because they lack the recipe for success.

That’s what makes JWB and Jacksonville different. Jacksonville, Florida is home to the perfect combination of low home prices, high rental rates and high property appreciation. That’s why investing here is so appealing.

25% more appreciation in Jacksonville since 1982

Population growth is an indicator of rent price and home price appreciation in the long-run. According to recently released U.S. Census Reports , in 2018, Jacksonville’s metro population grew 2 percent over the previous year, which made it the 6th fastest growing large metro (at least 1 million residents) in the country. During this same time, the U.S. population growth rate was 1 percent. Adding nearly 30,700 people, Jacksonville welcomed approximately 84 new residents per day from 2017 to 2018, which ranked #1 in the state of Florida.

This type of robust population growth in Jacksonville has been happening for decades. As a result, Jacksonville’s home prices have appreciated 25% more on average than other comparable cash flow markets since 1982 (Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, Birmingham and Cleveland.)

*Federal Reserve Economic Data
**US Census

***John Burns Real Estate Consulting

****US Census Bureau


Lower Home Prices Than US Median*


More Home Price Appreciation***


Higher Gross Rents Than US Median**

Fastest Growing Population In US****

How can I count on higher home price appreciation

in Jacksonville than other cash flow markets?

Many investors do not realize that home price appreciation levels are incredibly consistent when analyzed over multiple market cycles. Since 1982, Jacksonville’s home prices have appreciated 4.6% on average per year. Despite the volatility of housing prices caused by The Great Recession, housing prices in Jacksonville from 2001-2019 still appreciated over 4% on average per year.

About Our Residents

Commitment to integrity, the community, and to you.

Here at JWB, we know that our residents are real people, not just a
bill to be collected. Our residents stay with us because we make the rental experience enjoyable—we give them a place to feel comfortable; we give them a house to make a home. When our residents are happy, our investors make money. That’s why we focus on satisfied residents, and long-term leases. Currently, we serve over 4,300 residents. We rent over 800 homes annually on 2 or 3 year leases to our resident community. 74% of all our leases get renewed annually, and the best part is our average resident will actually stay at the property for 54 months- that’s over 4 years! Our team does a phenomenal job because happy residents means happy investors, which makes us happy. But don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say for yourself.


JWB is a great company, with amazing properties. Beautiful floor plans, ground areas, and locations. They are constantly buying and rebuilding homes. I truly recommend JWB to anyone, especially first time rentals and home buyers. We’ve been in our townhouse going on two years, and will definitely renew our lease when the time comes. Try JWB and I guarantee you will like them.


For my family JWB has been an absolute blessing, We are approaching the end of our first year and we honestly have not one complaint. Any issues that come up that need to be repaired a quick email and normally within a day or two we have heard back with details on who will be coming out and a call to confirm that we have been contacted by whomever they contacted for the repair. Communication is key, JWB is amazing and very understanding of any issues we have going on.


My wife and I were put in touch with JWB Real Estate Capital who provided a detailed overview of the region they invest and answered our salient questions about neighborhoods, tenant retention, job industries, rents and appreciation, etc. They made it a very easy choice for us to invest in Jacksonville, Florida. JWB provided a list of their inventory with property descriptions, pricing, etc and once we made our decisions it was perhaps the smoothest and easiest acquisition process we've ever experienced...and we've been in RE for almost 10 years.


Renting from JWB has been a wonderful experience. The management team makes living in their homes stress free. I have been renting from JWB and have never had an issue that was not resolved promptly by the management team. I will continue to rent from JWB homes. Thanks!


3 Recent ‘Jacksonville market & trends’ blogs

Jacksonville is a burgeoning city. We’ve had colossal population growth in the last few years due to an influx in jobs, amazing weather, low cost of living and overall quality of life, but there’s still so much more growth to be had, specifically, in our downtown. Downtown Jacksonville is the geographic center of the region. The vision for the city is to make it the center for arts, history, business and innovation. In order to achieve this, we need to get Jacksonville to a population of 10,000 people. Currently we sit at just above 5,000 residents , but the city is growing quickly. There are $1 billion in active projects under construction at the moment, and three times that in project proposals. “That increased focus is paying off with exponential growth and better return on investment…The more successful our Downtown is, the more competitive we are as a city, the more talent and jobs we recruit, the more our city thrives, and our tax base grows to fund even more improvements all our residents deserve” (Jake Gordon, Downtown Vision CEO). Read more about Jacksonville in the media:

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EY Announces JWB as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® Winner

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