Unprecedented Growth for JWB Real Estate Capital in 2011…But Just Wait Until 2012!

Unprecedented Growth for JWB Real Estate Capital in 2011…But Just Wait Until 2012!
By: Gregg Cohen, CEO


Happy New Year to all of our wonderful clients, vendors, and staff!  First off, I apologize for this newsletter arriving a few weeks late.  That’s totally my fault.  Somehow I convinced myself that I was going to finish writing the articles as I was enjoying my Christmas vacation with my family in Pittsburgh.  Then I realized that laying around, watching football, and eating and drinking with the family was much higher up on the priority list!  You all know I love writing this newsletter each month, but if you’ve ever tried some of my mom’s cookies, you’d understand why this newsletter is late J.

But taking the time away from work gave me a chance to take a deep breath and reflect upon the year 2011, and think ahead for what is to come in 2012.  2011 was a year of unprecedented growth for our company that surpassed even my own expectations.  We bought, renovated and sold more investment properties than any year before.  We raised more private lending funds than ever and now have over $4,500,000 currently lent by private individuals.  We increased our staff by 50% (from 8 to 12 full-time employees) and we brought on a total of more than 41 new JWB clients.  And get this, of those 41 new clients in the calendar year 2011, 15 of them have already become repeat buyers (and many of those new clients didn’t become clients until after July of this year, so there wasn’t a lot of time to make repeat purchases J).  The record for most properties purchased in 2011 was 6.  And, of course, our crowning team achievement this year was being recognized as the #3 Fastest Growing Company in Northeast Florida!

As my business partners and I looked at the numbers for 2011, we were very excited, but we knew that didn’t tell the whole story.  To just look at the numbers would’ve been missing out on the main reason why we’re so excited.  It’s not the numbers we put up; it’s HOW we put them up.  It’s not the size of our staff; it’s WHO is on our staff.  The strength of our team is what catapulted our business in 2011, and it’s why we’re going to achieve some incredible goals in 2012.

Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2012 from the entire JWB Real Estate Capital Team!

Gregg Cohen is the CEO of JWB Real Estate Capital.  JWB Real Estate Capital serves clients in 6 different countries and 19 different states by providing consistent, secure passive income streams through cash-flowing investment properties.  In 2011, JWB Real Estate Capital was recognized as the #3 Fastest Growing Company in Northeast Florida.  Discover how you can earn safe, secured, consistent returns through cash-flowing rental properties by requesting your Free Information Kit & Audio CD's at www.JacksonvilleWealthBuilders.com or calling (904) 677-6777.

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