Turnkey Real Estate Investment

An attractive website, testimonial videos and a self-proclaimed Guru are some of the tactics used by inexperienced companies online that want sell you a turnkey real estate investment. If you are new to real estate investing, it can be tempting to buy into one or more programs due to your lack of knowledge. It takes more work than reading a book or attending a seminar to invest your money into a property that will produce the type of monthly rental return that you dream about. Knowing how to select the best turnkey opportunity will help you. 

Company Knowledge is the Key to Success

A company that is offering a turnkey real estate investment should have the knowledge of how the markets work and what locations are emerging as the next must-have areas to own rental properties. Part of supporting new real estate investors means helping to educate them on the best ways to invest according to current and long-term market conditions. Companies that provide outdated information or that invest in markets no longer active should be avoided.

There are many factors that can influence the profits that are earned when investing in rental properties. Knowing what to avoid and how to maximize income should be offered as part of a support system. Legitimate companies do not sell real estate solutions without some type of proven success. Providing updated news of current clients that are achieving success is very helpful to those that are still learning how to make good investments in real estate. 

What to Look for in a Turn Key Real Estate Investment Program

• Guaranteed Monthly Income
• Experienced Team of Real Estate Professionals
• Licensed Contractors for Renovations 
• After Sale Support Services
• Tenant Occupied Rentals
• Property Management Solutions
• Ongoing Training 
• Contract and Closing Assistance
• Self-Directed IRA Advice
• Alternatives to Cash or Lender Financing

Having these additions in a turnkey real estate investment program gives you the assurance that you will not make mistakes when investing your money. If you have never owned a rental property, it is completely natural to have a lot of questions that deserve accurate answers. A team in place that can help you every step of the way speaks volumes for helping you build your portfolio of successful rental properties. Part of learning to become a successful real estate property investor is learning directly from a company that has a track record of success not just a fancy website.

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