Rental Property Investments in Westside Jacksonville Florida


Investing in Westside Jacksonville

The Westside of Jacksonville, Florida is comprised of many neighborhoods that house residents in a mixture of single family houses, condominiums and apartments. Westside Jacksonville is within sight of the Atlantic Ocean in Duval County. The oceanic activities and boardwalks on the beach provide a peaceful and active community for local residents. Since the Jacksonville area is a beach community, the rental property market is strong for real estate investors. Vacation homes and residential properties provide a steady source of income for investors that purchase properties in Westside Jacksonville, FL.

Two popular communities that surround the Westside of Jacksonville include Avondale and Riverside. The neighborhood of Avondale is a more traditional area of the city. Retail shopping is centralized and manageable for tourists and residents alike. The commute to Jacksonville is very small and many residents work in the downtown area. Riverside is located in between the Ortega River and the St. Johns River. Many of the residents that call Riverside home are under the age of 40 and enjoy the close proximity to Jacksonville. Just west of Riverside is Murray Hill.

The coastal neighborhood of Lake Shore consists of many homes that are suitable for more then two occupants. It is typical to find homes that have three to four bedrooms inside. Real estate investors take advantage of these properties to support the growing population and rental market. Another neighborhood just east of Lake Shore is Fairfax inside of St. Johns Park. Rental prices in this neighborhood are slightly higher due to the beachfront homes that are rented. The area is filled with families and new residents that have decided to make a permanent move to the Westside Jacksonville, Florida area.

Just west of Lake Shore is the neighborhood known as Cedar Hills Estates. This area encompasses Cedar Hills and is known as a quiet suburban community with a diverse group of residents. Properties in this area include rentals and owner occupied homes. Southeast of Cedar Hills Estates includes Confederate Point and Ortega Farms. Most of the homes in these neighborhoods were constructed between 1970 and 1990. Military families make up a large portion of the rented housing in the Ortega Farms neighborhood.

There are many populated neighborhoods in the southern portion of Westside Jacksonville, FL that hold the bulk of area residents. Popular neighborhood developments include Wesconnett, Duclay Forest, Duclay, Normandy and Argyle Forest. These areas are just north of the Henry Bucknam Bridge and the 9A that takes residents up to Jacksonville Beach. The excellent school systems are a magnet for parents that want the best in education for their children.

Other notable communities in the Westside Jacksonville, FL area include Oak Hill, Hillcrest and Sweetwater. Investment properties are constantly being developed or renovated making this area of Jacksonville a popular place to earn a steady stream of rental property income.

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