Real Estate Rental Properties for Purchase in Southside Jacksonville, FL

Real Estate Rental Properties for Purchase in Southside Jacksonville, FL

Southside Jacksonville, Florida is south of the city and home to many surrounding neighborhoods. Southside is a booming part of the Jacksonville economy due to its close proximity to downtown. The St. Johns River provides the banks for Southside and is what separates it from Jacksonville. The south bank area is filled with shopping malls and eateries that contribute to the economic growth. Real estate rental properties are aligned in the Southside, FL area and surrounding neighborhoods. The fast growing economy pulls in permanent residents from the Jacksonville area and some decide to take up residence in Southside.

Southside Jacksonville is considered a growing and thriving business area. Most of the employment is in the medical, distribution, insurance and financial industries. The higher than the national average wages attract recent college graduates and mid-career adults to the area. Much of the surrounding architecture is the classic style that was used during the construction of the area in the 1900s. Since Southside Jacksonville, FL is close to the Atlantic Ocean and much of the entertainment in the area takes places close to the beach. Popular sports teams are located a few minutes drive north of Southside and are a local favorite and tourist attraction.

A large percentage of local residents have some college or a finished college degree. The higher wages contribute to increased home values for owner occupied homes and rental properties. Investments in Southside real estate take place in many of the surrounding neighborhoods just east and southeast of Southside. Sandalwood is just below the Jacksonville Executive Airport and offers residential homes, town homes, apartments and duplex housing. This quiet neighborhood borders the Atlantic Boulevard that provides the main entryway into the neighborhood.

South of Sandalwood is the community known as Beachwood. The Florida State College of Jacksonville is located in this community and holds a large portion of young adults that rent properties instead of staying on campus. The University of North Florida borders the southern portion of Beachwood. Beach Boulevard will take any traveler straight to Jacksonville Beach just a few miles away. Sans Pareil is a small and quiet community east of the Florida State College of Jacksonville campus. Southside Estates sits just north of Beachwood and west of Sandalwood. This neighborhood is an upscale community that is known to generate higher rent prices for real estate investors.

The western area of Southside Estates takes you into a part of town known as Holiday Hill. Many schools are located in this neighborhood and help educate the surrounding population of school children. The neighborhood known as Glynlea/Grove Park is very close to Holiday Hill. This housing development is another middle class neighborhood. Many families live in this neighborhood and participate in a variety of activities near St. Johns River. Sans Souci is another residential community located off of Beach Boulevard and near Southside Jacksonville. Purchasing real estate investment properties in the surrounding neighborhoods of Southside provides investors with long-term opportunities for substantial returns on rental property investments.

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