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East of Jacksonville, Florida is the area known as Jacksonville Beach or Jax Beach to local residents. This area is part of a local community of beaches in the surrounding towns. Jacksonville Beach is a separate municipality from Jacksonville, Florida and is a popular destination for tourists and rental property investors. The area is 22 square miles of which 14.3 square miles are occupied by the Atlantic Ocean. Many residents prefer to rent homes compared to purchasing a home making Jacksonville Beach real estate a growing rental market with potential.

The attraction of waterfront activities gives local residents plenty of options for entertainment and leisure. In the city center, popular destinations for tourists include the J. Johnson Art Gallery and the Beaches Museum. A large percentage of the Jacksonville Beach population has received higher education and is college educated. The mixture of professional and blue-collar jobs has helped to build the Jacksonville Beach area reputation as a peaceful and quaint neighborhood for residents living in this location in the state of Florida.

Since Jacksonville Beach is one of the largest communities, the school system is structured around the needs of children and college students. A combination of public schools and private schools in Duval County gives parents plenty of options to secure a rounded education for their children. Many of the available properties that are located in Jacksonville Beach are single family units with between one and three bedrooms.

The local weather is a big attraction and is solely responsible for getting new people to take up residence in Jacksonville Beach. The hot and humid climate is a magnet for creating plenty of outdoor activities that provide excitement and stimulate the local economy. Part of what keeps locals living in Jacksonville Beach is the easy to access shopping and nightlife. Public transportation is available although many locals prefer to ride a bike or to walk to destinations near the sandy beaches. The friendly neighborhoods help to create a secure and peaceful setting for people of any age or cultural background.

Jacksonville Beach has higher median home prices compared to other areas of Florida. It is not uncommon for college students to rent single family homes with other students that attend the local universities. Many residents consider Jacksonville Beach as the ultimate destination for settling in and creating a modern lifestyle.

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