Mandarin Real Estate Investment Properties
Mandarin Real Estate Investment Properties

Mandarin – Jacksonville FL is a suburban neighborhood within the city limits of Jacksonville in Duval County. The St. Johns River borders the community and is one of the local attractions. Real estate investment properties attract investors that want to take advantage of the surge in population in the Jacksonville area. Mandarin has a history that is rich in Spanish heritage and county parks that offer plenty of views of the surrounding waterways. Once known as a farming village, Mandarin has turned into a mixture of upscale housing development, condominiums and detatched family homes.

Mandarin is located in the heart of Jacksonville and brings a fresh source of visitors to the area. The St. Johns River is a popular destination and many homes have boat access to the river. Tourists and local residents enjoy aquatic activities and picnics along the banks of the river. The familiar sounds of the big cities are silenced in Jacksonville, FL. The quiet atmosphere and community festivals are very desirable to both young and older residents. The local shopping malls provide plenty of retail shopping and the nearby Jacksonville Naval Air Station is frequented by aviation buffs.

Recreation activities are plentiful in Mandarin. A variety of community swimming pools, golf courses and tennis courts provide exterior activities for residents and tourists. Local favorite restaurants and nightlife activities keep the Mandarin population busy with entertainment activities. Historic culture is never forgotten in Mandarin and many of the public activities include entertainment related to the history of the Jacksonville area. Famous author Harriet Beecher Stowe lived in Mandarin for nearly two decades. Historic Civil War monuments and neoclassical buildings are part of the famous architecture in Mandarin.

Real estate investors purchase properties in two key areas of Mandarin. The first section is known as Old Mandarin. The homes and rental properties in this section include easy access to the river. Families that move into the area appreciate the surroundings in Old Mandarin. The school systems are served by Duval County and offer parents the ability to give their children a rich educational experience due to the famous history of the area. The second area where real estate investors purchase property is the new developments inside of the surrounding neighborhoods of Mandarin.

The safe communities are recognized quickly by tourists, college graduates and retirees that choose to live permanently in Mandarin. The local economy is constantly growing and providing more opportunities for the population to expand. Investing into Mandarin real estate can provide a residual income stream for investors due to the constant expansion. Renters include college students, individuals and families that take advantage of the neighborhood rental properties. Mandarin is considered by many to be the ideal place to live outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

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