Biggest AHA! Moments From The Active Community Members About Their Investing Journey

How cool would it be if there was a show for current and future real estate investors to gain even more knowledge and insight from local professionals? Well, two years ago I thought the same thing and before you knew it the “Not Your Average Investor Show” was created. Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to be a part of helping a community grow into educated and excited investors. On this week’s episode of NYAIS we had the privilege of hearing just how the show has changed the lives of eight of our community members.

            Jacky Hung has been an investor with JWB since 2020 and has been an avid member in the NYAIS community. During his time on the show, he shared with Pablo and me that the show has given him information about the Jacksonville market that he can’t find anywhere else. Jacky also said that he now listens to it in the car with his kids so they can be exposed to the valuable information at an early age!

            Jen Filzen, also known as the fairy godmother of the “Not Your Average Investor Show”, shared the relationships she and her husband have built through the show’s community. One person is Drew Barnhill, another investor with JWB. Jen and Drew connected through the show and ended up meeting to talk about real estate and have been good friends ever since. This meet-up also helped spark the idea of having real life meet ups in different cities throughout the country to give our investors the opportunity to build relationships like Jen and Drew!

            Miguel Sanudo is one of JWB’s international investors. Miguel shared with Pablo and me that being an overseas investor is difficult, but the show allowed him to get information from experts on tips and tricks to make investing easier. He also shared that having a community of people doing and going through the same things was comforting.

            Herve Francois has been an investor with JWB since 2018 and wanted to get more insight into the market as his portfolio started to grow. He has been an avid listener of the show ever since. He said NYAIS has been a great source to keep himself up to date on market stats, trends, interest rates and so much more. Herve even shared that he blocks time out in his calendar every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 so he can watch the show uninterrupted.

            Leslie Wilson has been following JWB since 2016 and is a seasoned investor but, not always with JWB. After buying five homes in Detroit and getting burned by that experience Leslie wanted to take her time before trying again. After watching the show and seeing just how much knowledgeable is shared and how caring the JWB team is Leslie has now bought four homes in six months and is planning on adding her fifth soon!

            Maria Lazo is a young investor who took a liking to JWB after moving from New York to Jacksonville. Upon her arrival to Jacksonville there was one company she heard about frequently, JWB. Maria decided she had to know who they were and what they did and decided to come to one of our in-person events. Though she doesn’t invest with JWB she shared with us how she loves that she still has access to all the information, and she can feel comfortable enough to ask us questions!

            Anthony Ditta said that investing with JWB was one of the best decisions of his life. When he heard there was going to be a NYAIS meet up in Jacksonville he got in his car with no hesitation and drove the four hours from Jupiter Florida to come meet everyone. Ditta shared that “he had a blast, and it was totally worth it”.

            Lee Bishop has been a huge part of the NYAIS community for a while now. Lee owns five properties with JWB and says that the community means so much to him. Lee shared with Gregg and Pablo that when he took some time off and wasn’t attending the show as much and the team reached out to make sure he was ok and let him know he was missed was so special to him. Lee shared that when Covid hit, and everyone had so much uncertainty and questions the show was there to hear what everyone had to say and help come up with solutions!

            You can be a part of something special too. Go to  to register and tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30pm on Facebook Live, YouTube, and Zoom. The Not Your Average Investor Show is a show for everyone, and we would love for you to be a part of the community!

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