JWB Celebrates 100th Investment Property Sold!

JWB Celebrates 100th Investment Property Sold!

By: Gregg Cohen, CEO

                One of our mentors, Paul Esajian (star of A&E’s “Flip This House”) taught us a very good lesson when he visited our office a few years ago.  It was called CAW….Celebrate All Wins.  He noticed we were working our butts off, and he said we looked tired.  He said we needed to take time to celebrate the good things that we accomplish on a regular basis.  As someone who built his company from scratch, into a multi-million dollar business, Paul knows the road we’ve been on with JWB and we took his advice to heart.

                So, when we realized that we had just put our 100th JWB investment property under contract for sale, we wanted to celebrate with you as well!  On Nov, 16, two of our top JWB clients – Todd & Elle Claus – put the property on 10444 Piedmont Rd under contract.  Todd and Elle came to us earlier this year and already have two successful, cash-flowing investment properties and this new investment property on Piedmont will make number 3.

                Because the property on Piedmont rented out for a lot more than we were originally expected, Todd & Elle will receive cash flows in the $400’s for this investment which will give them a ROI over 20%.  Needless to say, they are excited.  And we’re excited as well!

                Thank you to Todd & Elle & all of our 100+ JWB clients who make it so fun to come to work everyday.  If the first 100 were anything like the next 100, we’ll have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to as a company.

Gregg Cohen is the CEO of JWB Real Estate Capital.  JWB Real Estate Capital serves clients in 6 different countries and 19 different states by providing consistent, secure passive income streams through cash-flowing investment properties.  In 2011, JWB Real Estate Capital was recognized as the #3 Fastest Growing Company in Northeast Florida.  Discover how you can earn safe, secured, consistent returns through cash-flowing rental properties by requesting your Free Information Kit & Audio CD's at www.JacksonvilleWealthBuilders.com or calling (904) 677-6777.

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