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Ponte Vedra Investment Properties for Sale
Ponte Vedra, FL is known worldwide for its illustrious golf courses and resorts, but also for sparkling white sand beaches and the neighboring city of Jacksonville. This notoriety brings in tourists and travelers from all over the world and many people end up renting homes during the winter months or throughout the year. With two to three people living in every property, real estate investors find that the rental market is very strong and continues to be a source of steady income for savvy rental property investors.

Residents living in Ponte Vedra are educated and work in professional industries. Frequent marriages in the county have increased the population in the last two decades. Ponte Vedra boasts a high 58 percent marriage rate. The higher than average marriage rate helps contribute to the local economy by way of retail shopping and leisure expenditures. The 5.1 square miles in Ponte Vedra includes the entire housing and retail community. Surrounding areas are being developed that are expected to add thousands of new residents over the next few years. This growth is extremely attractive to modern real estate property investors.

The local attractions help to populate the area with new visitors each year. Adventure Landing, the Cultural Center, Art Museums and the nearby Jacksonville Zoo are popular areas visited by residents and visitors. 11 public and private schools help educate children in St Johns County, Ponte Verda. The community welcomes visitors of all cultural backgrounds and ages. This peaceful coastal town is one of the reasons for the rise in the local population. The variety in housing includes condominiums, waterfront houses in the intracoastal area and rental property housing.

Plenty of investment properties are available for investors searching for Ponte Vedra real estate. The wealth of the local residents makes it easier to receive rental prices that are much higher compared to other beach communities in the U.S. beach districts. One of the coined mottos of Ponte Vedra is "something to see for everyone" and this includes real estate. Plenty of gated communities are located near the golf courses and resorts that cater to both average and upscale tenants. Residents living in other states seek getaways during the off-season months and rent the available Ponte Vedra properties.

Nearby Sawgrass Village is a magnet for locals and celebrities that visit the area strictly for golf tournaments. This region of the country offers home values that are more affordable compared with homes that are found on the west coast. Investors often find excellent deals on properties that are purchased as vacation homes and are eventually sold for homes closer to the bigger Florida cities like Miami. The cultural history and the climate are just some of the reasons that people choose to rent Ponte Vedra seaside properties.

Ponte Vedra is without a doubt a beautiful area. However, even giving it's charm and higher paying renters, we've been able to find better returns in other areas of Jacksonville. We are not currently selling investment properties in Ponte Vedra. But you can contact us today to hear about some extremely high return investment properties we have available all across Jacksonville.


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