How To Invest In Yourself To Guarantee Positive Returns

We can all agree that times are changing. They're changing faster than ever, and that means we know less about the future than ever before. Therefore, what CAN we invest in that we KNOW will help us down the line?

Andy Storch has some surprisingly simple yet effective answers to that question. He encourages you to invest in yourself and learn more about NFT investing. Andy recently published the best-selling book, Own Your Career Own Your Life, where he talked about the three aspects of your life that can set you up for success, no matter what comes your way.

Here is what Andy Storch shared with us in today's episode of the JWB Not Your Average Investor Show:

  • The small changes to your career that will make a big difference in your financial future
  • The one investment that can help you navigate economic or health problems
  • How and why this has led him to invest in NFTs and start a podcast about how to begin

Andy's strategies helped him pivot a business that COVID decimated to have his most profitable year in 2020, navigate through a tough battle with cancer, and get him speaking on stages all over the world. Hear his incredible story and enjoy some NFT investing tips!

How did Andy Storch start his book?

Andy was drifting a lot in his own career. He sees many people drifting in their careers and wanting to grow, but they don't know how. He built his book to have three sections: How to assess where you are, coming up with a vision for where you want to be, and preparing your future for long-term success.

Invest in yourself. You need to educate yourself and change your mindset to become fulfilled in your career. His book provides a blueprint so you can own your life and create the right mindset to reach all of your goals.

What is Andy's book about?

In his book, Andy Storch shows how you can invest in yourself. Own Your Career Own Your Life is a blueprint that will allow you to become more successful in life. He asks a series of questions that will enable you to look at where you are to gain insight as to where you want to go. By setting goals, you will determine how you will reach your vision.

Everything around you is speeding up due to forward progression. It is useless to hope that things will go back to how they once were. Andy teaches you to set yourself up for future success by investing in your constant learning and continued growth.

He demonstrates how to build your network and your personal brand. Through consistent persistence, you can own your life and create the right mindset so you can set yourself up for ongoing success.

Is there anything you can do on the goal-setting process for rental property investing?

Many real estate investors know they want to grow, but they get into rental properties without a strategy and drift. At JWB, we've always taken the approach of helping them accomplish their goals and break it down into financial measures. 

For example, how much monthly income do you want from your rental properties if you want to retire? For every JWB client, we look at where we are right now, where do you want to go in your investments and define the number of properties needed to meet those goals. If we do not do those things, we start drifting, and that's not where we want to be.

What is the one investment that can help you navigate economic or health problems?

It is important to request help. If you can find mentors who help you invest in properties, invest in stocks, and invest in cryptocurrency, you can reach your goals that much faster. Everyone who is growing gets better at asking for help because it accelerates you on your journey. As you ask for more help, you will find more servant leadership within your network. 

How did Andy's dream of being a professional baseball player affect him?

He wanted to try out, but he was so worried he wouldn't make the team that he quit. He now realizes how silly that was. He didn't reach his goals because he quit before he tried.

He found other episodes where he didn't ask for help and quit before he started. Finally, in his thirties, he realized that he would be more motivated not to quit and keep growing if he had a plan and a strong purpose behind it.

How do you invest in yourself and take the leap of faith to go in a new direction?

What happens for a person to make that shift and change how they behave? The first key to changing the mindset is the attraction to unlimited potential and no limits to making as much money as you want. 

Next, can you create your own thing and tap into your network to build upon it? Along the way, as you continue to grow your brand, you also build more self-confidence. With a growth mindset, you will gain new ideas every day, and these new ideas will take you in new directions. 

Try new things, tap into your self-potential, and face your fears. That's when you will be able to turn that leap of faith into an entrepreneurial masterpiece.

What is the value of content creation when networking?

How does making podcasts help Andy's career and open new doors? Andy started his first podcast in 2017 because he wanted to learn how to become an entrepreneur. Many people will talk to you know when you give them a platform where they can talk about themselves. 

Andy kept inviting people to join his podcast, and he ended up hosting a conference in January 2020. His network continues to expand, and over the years, he now has three podcasts, has over 500 interviews, and is doing amazing things with very successful people. When Andy published his book in November 2020, many people have supported him, and opportunities continued to come his way.

What is the Give To Get Principle?

When you give willingly and don't expect anything back, you make people happy. At JWB, Alex Sifakis, one of the founders, said he wanted to make people happy. They have done this by investing in downtown Jacksonville and growing the opportunity to make their lives here.

Interestingly enough, one of our community members, Jennifer Filzen, wrote a book about it and how you can use it in your business. Here is the link to Jennifer's book, an Amazon bestseller:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08Q34N6CR

How does someone get into NFT investing?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are unique digital assets. They are becoming more common in the video game industry as a digital asset class. NFTs are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. 

People are investing time and virtual real estate in this new marketplace. More common are the digital artists who create NFTs from their work and sell them to collectors who will buy NFTs in the hopes of growing their value. 

NFTs include NBA top shots (like digital trading cards), digital art, and digital music. These non-fungible tokens are sold in NFT marketplaces and belong to blockchain technology. You own your NFT outright, and you pay for it with your digital wallet. 

Some say they like to buy and sell NFT collectibles in the hopes that when they buy an NFT, it will become precious over time due to scarcity.

What is it about NFT investing that makes Andy excited?

He's learning a lot about NFTs, and he's working to build expertise in this space. He started a podcast around NFTs, and he's getting requests to speak on them at events. Non Fungible Tokens are a form of cryptocurrency that allows artists, songwriters, and others to sell their creations. NFT owners can benefit from special events and the communities around these events. Listen to Andy's podcast around this topic if you want to learn more about NFTs.

How do you make money off of NFTs?

The best way is to amass a digital collection of items, and when people want to buy them, you can sell them. There are only so many things you can buy, and it's all about supply and demand. 

For example, gamers play video games and spend real dollars for skins and other valuable items that will show what they wear inside the game. That is a perfect example of digital assets that people will buy with real dollars to look cool in an online world.

Is it worth investing in the NFTs of the virtual real estate metaverse?

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency and virtual real estate, you can, but it's not a fully developed field yet. Right now, it's speculative. As the cryptocurrency industry evolves, it will give birth to many organizations that will fail before they succeed.

Once the business community sees value in their investment, that will help something stick around long term. In advertising, you pay to gain more eyeballs. You can advertise your business via virtual and augmented reality to purchase digital land. That is why you may want to buy virtual real estate in the metaverse to capture the attention of the gamers who are having activities next to your building.

What are the benefits of owning NFTs and virtual domains?

When you hold these digital assets, you keep them in digital wallets. But if you have your name as a domain, that can point straight to your digital wallet. It's an exciting way to take ownership of your name within the metaverse, so grab a domain name with your name on it.

How can we find out more about Andy Storch?

You can find Andy's book here at https://amzn.to/3f1axXG.

Check out Andy's bonus resources at http://ownyourcareerownyourlife.com/bonus.

Listen to Andy's podcast at https://andystorch.kartra.com/page/NFT.

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We invite you to watch this episode of the Not Your Average Investor Show in its entirety because Andy Storch shared some high-level concepts about how to invest in yourself and NFT investing. Fortunately for those interested in the single-family rental property asset class, Jacksonville real estate continues to be an excellent return for real estate investors. 

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