How This California Retiree Generated $83k in Passive Income During Covid

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On this week’s Thursday episode of the Not Your Average Investor Show, we talked with Ken Meleen. Ken and his family are very active and well known in the Not Your Average Investor community. Ken, his wife Carolyn, and their daughter Karen have been investing with JWB since 2019, since then, the Meleens have purchased 6 homes with us.

These days, setting yourself up financially for retirement is requiring more money that it had in the past. The Meleens wanted to create another stream of income that would eventually lead to financial freedom. They did their research and decided to start investing in rental properties. They knew investing in rental properties in California, where they live, wasn’t going to give them the cash flow they needed to accomplish their goals. So, they looked to other markets. Ken’s piano instructor, also a JWB client, told the Meleen’s of his success investing in Jacksonville. Ken loved the idea of the returns Jacksonville offered but was worried that having an investment so far away was going to be hard to find someone trustworthy to manage. Then, they spoke with JWB.

Ken and Carolyn scheduled a call with the team in 2019 and loved the company so much they decided to purchase two homes. Throughout the next few years, the family has worked to build their portfolio. In 2020 when they were ready to add another home to their portfolio, Covid hit, and the world shut down. Ken talked about the worries the pandemic brought and how the family debated on if adding to their portfolio was the right idea. Ken then went on to tell us how after watching one of the, Not Your Average Investor Show episodes, Gregg put his mind to ease. During the show Gregg mentioned that event with the pandemic, he was not worried about a decline in clash flow or home prices. Because of the trust Ken had in Gregg and JWB, the Meleens continued with the deal they were working on and added another property to their portfolio.

Since finding, trusting, and investing with JWB the Meleen family has achieved their goal of adding another stream of income. They have earned over $83,000 of rental income in their 2.5 years of investing. This has allowed them to establish generational wealth and live retired life comfortably. On top of the financial goals the family has hit, they have joined a likeminded community that has given them lifelong friends.

Though they have only been investing with JWB since 2019, Ken and his family have become a huge part of the JWB and Not Your Average Investor Show community. They have put their trust in Gregg and JWB to help them on their investing journey and have created generational wealth, and a passive source of income that allows them to live the life they want. To start your path to building generation wealth through a passive income, go www.nyais.com. To hear more stories on how JWB helped their clients change their lives, tune in Thursdays at 12:30pm ET.

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