How a Retired Veteran Achieved the American Dream Through Real Estate Investing

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On this week’s episode of the, Not Your Average Investor Show, we spoke to Joel Almosara about his real estate investing journey. Joel’s investing journey is a unique one. Joel is originally from the Philippines where he lived in a squatter community. Joel wanted more for himself, so he joined the US military as a steppingstone to one day live the American Dream. When he joined the miliary and was living in Texas Joel knew he wanted one thing, to buy a home. Being in the military he gained access to the VA loan and used that to purchase his first home. A few years after buying his home Joel got orders to be stationed in Japan. Instead of selling his home he decided to keep it. However, as time went by, he came to realize that he was paying a mortgage for a home he wasn’t using. It wasn’t until then that he came to the realization that he can rent out his home in Texas and make money on it rather than continue to pay the mortgage himself.

While renting his home out in Texas and having it create a stream of income Joel decided to start investing in additional rental properties. Joel then started to look at properties in Texas to invest in. However, the Texas market did not give Joel the inventory or returns on investment that he wanted. Joel struggled with finding a market outside his own that provided him with constant inventory and a solid return on investment. Along with inventory and returns, Joel knew that having investments in other markets meant that he needed to also find a team he trusted to manage those properties. This is when Joel found the Jacksonville market and JWB.

By finding JWB Joel gained access to an abundance of inventory in a market that produced positive cash flow and a strong historical appreciation. JWB also provided Joel a company he could trust to manage his investments. Becoming a part of the JWB family also gave Joel access to the Not Your Average Investor Show. Finding the show provided Joel with a community of like-minded investors to educate him on the ins and outs of real estate investing.

Making the decision to invest in real estate is what allowed Joel to live out the American Dream. Finding JWB has allowed Joel to achieve his need for additional cash flow and expand his real estate knowledge. Since investing with JWB Joel has now become a licensed real estate agent. He has expanded his rental property portfolio into different markets to diversify his returns. Joel has also started buying, flipping, and reselling properties in Texas. Along with acquiring his real state license, Joel has become a mentor for young professionals. He uses the knowledge he gained from the Not Your Average Investor Show and its community to guide young adults into making smart investment choices.

Joel has shown us that he truly isn’t your average investor. He came from living in a home with no walls to owning multiple rental properties and becoming a coach for young professionals on their investment journey. Joel truly is living the American Dream. To hear more client success stories, join our live audience of the Not Your Average Investor Show every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm ET. You can register for free at or listen to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

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