How a Former Pharmaceutical Professional Creates Passive Income after Hard Times Hit

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On this week’s episode of the, Not Your Average Investor Show, we talked with Tony Ditta about his investor journey. Tony talked with us about how for 35 years he was in the pharmaceutical industry until the company he was working for went through a restructuring period. He told us how he always wanted to be his own boss, so he tried a few different things to create income. Tony had not thought about being a rental property investor until he came across JWB.

In 2009 hard times fell on Tony when the pharmaceutical company he was working for decided to restructure and he lost his job. This led Tony needing to find a new stream of income. A big want Tony had was having a consistent stream of income that was recession proof. The first idea Tony had was to invest in a franchise, so he decided to invest in Super Cuts. At first it seemed like it was going to be a great idea. He thought he had a team behind him who wanted to see him succeed. The location Super Cuts found for him seemed perfect and he was very hopeful his shop was going to perform well. Unfortunately, the location the Super Cuts team found him could not accommodate the traffic his store would need to be successful. After a few modifications and no change Tony deemed his investment unsuccessful, and he was out $25,000.

Needing a new plan for income Tony’s attention was drawn to real estate and the opportunity to earn a consistent passive income through owning rental properties. While looking at markets to enter Tony came across Jacksonville and the JWB team. When Tony talked with the team about his goals and what it would take to accomplish his passive income goals. After that conversation he knew he found a trustworthy team who genuinely wanted him to succeed. JWB helped Tony build his buying plan and start him on the track to having a recession proof, passive income. Tony has been a JWB investor since 2019. So far, he has bought 4 properties and continues to keep in touch with his portfolio manager to stay current on the buying plan they created.

Taking the leap and trusting JWB in a time where finding a steady source of income was imperative has been life changing for Tony. Coming from a working-class family and a lot of siblings, something that was very important for Tony was being able to make sure his children were taken care of in the future. Finding JWB and creating a portfolio of solid long-term investments will do just that. In his 3 years of investing with JWB Tony has seen his properties appreciate $173,688 and total net rental income of $12,023. Not only has he been able to call himself his own boss, but he has been able to build a legacy for his family.

Tony is just another great example of how investing in turnkey rental properties can help you create the life you want. Whether your goal is to send your kids to college or be your own boss and create passive income like Tony, owning rental properties can help. To hear more client success stories, join our live audience of the Not Your Average Investor Show every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm ET. You can register for free at or listen to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify, or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

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