How a California Investor Created over 189k in Passive Income in Jacksonville FL

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On this week’s episode of the Not Your Average Investor Show, we talked to Mohan Potheri. Mohan is an IT professional from California and has been an investor with JWB since 2017 and has invested in 10 properties with JWB. Mohan shared with us why he decided to start investing in rental properties, how he decided to do it, and the success he has had thus far.

            Like most, Mohan found himself wondering how he was going to pay for his kid’s college education. With the world continuously getting more expensive Mohan needed to find a way to create an additional monthly income without having to get another job. He had a nice portfolio of investments but none of which were creating a monthly cash flow. This is when Mohan decided to invest in rental properties.

In the early 2000’s, Mohan took out a home equity line of credit. A home equity line of credit, also known as a HELOC, is a secured loan in that you are borrowing against the equity that has been built in your house. Using this HELOC, Mohan purchased 6 homes in California and turned them into rental properties. While the rents he was receiving were good, they were not going to produce enough cash flow to achieve the goal he had set. Mohan decided to sell the houses he had in California and use the money to invest in a market that was going to produce the cash flow he needed. This is where he found JWB. JWB offered Mohan the inventory he wanted and the returns he needed to save enough and send his kids to college.  

             Making a good investment choice is a great feeling, making a good investment choice that allows you to send your kids to college is an even better feeling. With Mohan’s investment in the Jacksonville real estate market, he has earned over $189,000 in cash flow in a short 4.5 years. Mohan’s kids have since graduated from college they are now a doctor and data scientist. Not only has his investment helped him achieve his goals, but it has also given him financial freedom and steady cash flow for generations to come.

            Mohan is just another prime example as to why investing in real estate can help you achieve your goals. Whether the goal is to send your kids to college, build generational wealth, or retire early and travel the world, investing in rental properties can help. If you are ready to achieve your financial goals, go to www.chatwithjwb.com to schedule a call with one of our teammates. To hear more client success stories, tune into the Thursday Not Your Average Investor Show at 12:30pm ET.

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