Free Business Training for Your Investment Business

You can get all of the real estate tips and tricks that you want and still come up short as a business person. There is no prerequisite for being a real estate investor besides passion and opportunity. Business on the other hand takes some knowledge of how to speak the language of business before you can get results. You can find free business training for your investment business right on the Internet.

These programs do not cost money and most are for personal enrichment. Even if you have a college degree, brushing up on business and investing information can help you in your real estate investing career. You are likely to encounter several situations during your time as an investor that advanced business knowledge will help you. The ability to receive training online whenever you want requires no time commitment from your already busy schedule. 


College Courses Related to Real Estate

1. MIT

MIT created an open source project several years ago and many of these courses are still accessible. The courses do not have instructor feedback, but are designed to give you as much information as possible with self-study. Thousands of free courses are now available and many new courses are added each semester. Courses in business, mathematics and public relations make great foundations for a career as a real estate investor.

2Dixie State College

If you are little rusty on your mathematical sills, learning advanced ratios and formulas could help your investment strategies. Learning to incorporate calculus theories and the law of motion and change will not hurt you as an investor. Many people are afraid of mathematics, but the courses are laid out in easy to understand lessons that can be downloaded and completed on your own time. 

3. University of California

Business and management skills are essential to investing and keeping track of profit and loss. Investing in a turnkey property does have its advantages, but learning how to "read" the financial numbers that you are presented by a CPA, property management company or other professional helps a lot. The skills of financial analysis and financial planning are two things that you will probably use the most when investing in properties. 

4. University of Massachusetts-Boston

Communication plays a big role in buying and selling investment properties. Both written and verbal communications are required to help close deals and communicate with property managers, contractors and tenants. UMass-Boston offers free courses in communication that could help you increase your communication skills in real estate. At some point in the future, writing letters, speaking in person or negotiating a new business deal will be required of you.

5. Yale University 

Need a better grasp on literature and the English language? Yale University provides free courses in both of these subjects that you can access anytime and anywhere. Studying English and how it is used in communication is one way to improve your personal abilities in your real estate investing career. Few people get the opportunity to have Ivy League education for absolutely no cost. Make use of these courses to improve your self-education fo real estate investing.

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