Florida Ranks #1 for Foreign Real Estate Investing

Florida is Number One in Real Estate Investing 2012The news about investing in Florida real estate continues to get better. The amazing growth that Florida has witnessed in the rental property and vacation home market is now being recognized worldwide. Investors around the world can no longer ignore what is going on in Florida. A recent real estate traffic report by Point2 for the fourth quarter of 2011 has announced that Florida ranks number one for foreign real estate investing. This news is no surprise to savvy investors that have been following the Florida real estate market. Populous cities like Jacksonville, Orlando and Pompano Beach are continuing the annual growth trend into 2012. 

The Hard Facts About Florida Rental Property Investing

The recent Point2 study reveals a trend about investing in Florida real estate. Over 31 percent of all foreign investors that trafficked the U.S. in search of emerging real estate markets did so in Florida. This is compared to Arizona, Michigan, New York and Nevada that are historically high growth markets for real estate investing. The allure of the economic upswing and tourism industry has helped to fuel the interest in purchasing investment properties for rent. The diverse cultural groups that call Florida home is one of the reasons that international investors are very attracted to the area. The most obvious reason is the income potential from the higher than average monthly rental prices that renters are currently paying in Florida. 

International investors are not the only ones that are arriving in Florida to put their money into rental properties. Average people from all walks of life are now researching available housing in a variety of communities to begin a long-term investment plan. Many retirees are buying one or more properties to maximize their growth potential over the next two to five years. Historically low interest rates and retirement account investing is playing a part in the surge of new investors. The low risk high rewards nature of rental property investing is offering better returns compared with stocks or other investments that go up one day and fall the next. 

Florida Real Estate Investing Solutions

There are many ways to get started investing in Florida real estate, but not every way provides the safest route. Any company can organize a seminar or sell DVD courses that teach real estate investing basics. Both new and experienced investors that have little experience in buying or selling Florida rental properties benefit from experienced companies that backup their programs with documented results. It is no secret or fluke when average people buy into an opportunity that produces traceable results. Purchasing vacation homes and rental properties in Florida is continuing to lead investors down the path to financial freedom.

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