February 2021 JWB Property Management Statistics

We've had a great January 2021, and we'd love to share some updates on the market! Every month, we like to share our newsletter, the Cashflow Digest where we include insights, trends and an update on our current property management statistics.


Here are a few of the highlights:

What Part of the Real Estate Cycle is Jacksonville, Florida In?

  • We discuss the current real estate cycle, historical statistics and predictions
  • We also share MOI, tracking the number of houses on the market divided by the number of houses sold the previous month.

Home Price Appreciation + Looking into 2021

  • We're in a period of faster home price appreciation. 
  • We’re in the more quickly appreciating part of the market and, as a rental property investor, you really need to be paying attention right

Current Properties Under Management

Total Rented Houses in 2021

Average Duration of Leases Signed in 2021

% of Leases Re-Signed in 2021

Current Occupancy %

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