Best Real Estate Investing Books

There is a secret formula to becoming successful as a real estate investor. It is called information. Reading some of the best real estate investing books is part of the legwork that smart investors use to build their knowledge. No investor makes decisions out of thin air. Information about markets, ROI, cap rates and rental income are all great things to know, but they are not the only pieces of information that you can use. The digital age makes it easy to find information online quickly, but you will find some really useful information is still printed in books. 

The Best Real Estate Investing Books

1. ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

This book was written in 2004 and continues to be considered the definitive guide for learning the ins and outs of real estate investing. 

2. Emerging Real Estate Markets by David Lindahl

While first introduced in 2007, this book teaches you how and where to find the hottest real estate markets to start putting your money into to make money as a real estate investor. 

3. Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes and Quads by Larry B. Loftis

Former attorney turned real estate investor provides his knowledge of how to turn real estate rental properties into cash flowing sources within a year. 

4. Investing in Real Estate by Gary W. Eldred

You will not find a comparable book with such a simple title that gives as much information about getting started in real estate investing. Over five editions have been printed that have educated hundreds of thousands of investors. 

5. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow by Frank Gallinelli

The amount of real estate formulas, risk versu profit calculations and scenarios presented about real estate income is astounding in this book. Many real estate investors use this book for calculating profits before they invest.

Why Books are Excellent Sources for Learning

A great thing to know about books is that much of the information that is printed inside is not easily shared. If someone reads a book and withholds what they know, it provides a way to get a competitive edge when using the information first before it becomes public knowledge. Many books are written as a series that teach you the basics first and move on to more advanced topics in real estate investing. 

This helps to build a foundation of knowledge that you can use to draw upon when making decisions. There are many authors of books that provide support to beginning investors that purchase their books by way of online forums or email questions. Learning from the mistakes of others will help you increase your real estate investing success.

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