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Arlington is considered by many to be one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Florida. Much of the area that covers south of the St. Johns River and east of Jacksonville is located in Arlington. As one of the largest and populated areas of Duval County, Arlington real estate continues to thrive and provide income generating investment opportunities. The cease of the Civil War started the housing development boom and it has continued into the 21st century. Residents enjoy easy access to the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

Arlington is sometimes called Greater Arlington due to vast size of the area. Sections of the area preserve the historic architecture and many communities have been constructed. Neighborhoods like Lake Lucina, located south of Jacksonville University, are in what is known as Old Arlington in the central district. This lakefront area is home to peace and quiet and preserves the classic settlement of the area. From old plantations to new construction, Lake Lucina is enjoyed by both younger and older residents that prefer to live south of the city area in Jacksonville.

East of Lake Lucina is the upscale community called Arlingwood. The area was established in Duval County in 1953. Residents stay busy with the types of activities that upscale living is known to include like pro golf, tennis and boating. Arlingwood Park is a quiet park where people gather and enjoy picnics and other outdoor activities. A higher than average percentage of Arlington area residents are married and have school age children. Most adults are college educated and hold jobs in financial and technology careers. Just north of the Arlingwood community sits Arlington Hills.

Arlington Manor is another area that attracts families in the Arlington area. The local school system includes primary schools, high schools and private schools that offer excellence in education. With rental properties averaging three or more people per house, the rent prices are slightly higher compared to other areas near the city. The southern most portion of Arlington is the neighborhood known as Oakwood Villa. The Matthews Bridge and the Arlington Expressway are the main entryways into this neighborhood. Local parks and recreation activities keep residents busy. Oakwood Villa is just south enough of Jacksonville to provide a small town feel.

The neighborhood of East Arlington is the eastern most part of Arlington. This area is the closest of the Arlington neighborhoods to the beach district. Nearby Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach offer some of the most popular tourist attractions in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Real estate investors can find vacation homes, beachfront properties and town homes that are available for purchase. These rental properties are rented by college students, adults and retirees that move to the Arlington area of Jacksonville. The expanding population and development growth make Arlington and surrounding neighborhoods attractive real estate markets.

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