AirBnB vs Turnkey Rentals: the Case for Both w/ Bill Fox


Bill Fox has been investing in real estate since 1997, a client of JWB's since 2012, and has recently gotten into the short term rental game as well. He's coming on the Not Your Average Investor Show more than a handful of nuggets he's ready to share with JWB Co-Founder, Gregg Cohen, and our community.

A few things we'll talk to Bill about:

  • The one thing he wish he had done with the original properties he acquired in 1997
  • How to decide between short term and turnkey rentals when building your real estate portfolio
  • What he's done to build his short term rental income
  • What he learned about JWB early on, that convinced him to continue investing with them for 10+ years

Bill is a treasure trove of experience in building wealth through real estate. Come pick his brain!


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