Why This Client Still Gets Goosebumps

One of our long time clients, Sandy Myers stopped by to help our team with Mother's Day gifts. While she was in our offices, we asked her to share her experience from working with JWB. Watch the video or read below to see what she had to say.

Gregg Cohen, JWB Real Estate Capital: I was walking down to the JWB cafe for lunch and ran into our long time client, Sandy Myers. She's a Mary Kay rep and she's helping our team with Mother's Day gifts. I started talking with Sandy and she was telling me this amazing story about how she was investing with us when we got started and I wanted to share her story with you.

Sandy Myers, JWB Client: I started with JWB roughly 8-10 years ago and I started small. I met Alex through one of my networking groups and thought, I have a little money sitting around and it's not even earning me 1%. Alex told me about how they invest in properties and I would become an investor with them and I could earn around 10%. Whoo! Things looked and sounded great so I initially gave a little, then I gave a little bit more.

I'm a native of Jacksonville and I love what JWB is doing to Jacksonville. It gives me goosebumps! There are areas of town, that JWB has gone in and fixed-up homes and made into beautiful rental properties. I've seen some of them and they are lovely!

Gregg Cohen, JWB Real Estate Capital: New construction, changing the face of a street.

Sandy Myers, JWB Client: Right! I live in San Marco and there have been empty lots and not so nice homes that JWB has come in and built duplexes, and they're beautiful!

I just love that JWB is beautifying Jacksonville!

Along with that, the customer service at JWB has been amazing. I started with them when they were in a tiny house in the Lakewood area.

Gregg Cohen, JWB Real Estate Capital: It was this small little place, about 2,500 sq ft, and Sandy had no clue it was that big because we stuffed about 30 teammates in there!

Sandy Myers, JWB Client: I would stop in from time to time and love that the company provides lunch everyday for their employees, time off when they need etc.

Gregg Cohen, JWB Real Estate Capital: You are so in tune with us!

Sandy Myers, JWB Client: You care about your people and I've watched your company grow from 4-5 people to…

Gregg Cohen, JWB Real Estate Capital: A lot, we have around 80 teammates now, it's crazy!

Sandy Myers, JWB Client: It's wonderful. Along the way, if I come across more money, I put more in. I retired a few years ago, after I lost both my parents. I had actually bought a condo to move my parents into. Unfortunately, my mother ended-up in a nursing home, so they ever ended-up making it into the condo.

I unfortunately bought the condo at the peak of the real estate market. I attempted to sell it and it didn't work, so I started renting it out on my own. Now I wish I would have thought about asking JWB at that time. I thought I could handle it, but it was more challenging than I thought.

I had a tenant who took a golf club to my unit. After that, I said forget it! I'm not doing this anymore. I ended-up selling the unit later and did okay.

I brought half the money I made to JWB and I'm making more on my investment than I did when I was renting it on my own.

Now I have no headaches, no worries and no need to even think about it. Periodically, I get my cash flow deposited into my account and it's wonderful!

It has made my life so much easier not having to stress and now I spend a lot of time traveling! It has truly been a wonderful experience.

I tell all my friends about JWB and how they have made a total difference in my life.

Gregg Cohen, JWB Real Estate Capital: Thank you so much! You talked about re-energizing neighborhoods, transforming neighborhoods and all that good stuff. We couldn't do it without you.

Your money, your investment and your trust is what allows us to do all of these things.

Thank you so much!

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