Why JWB Matches You with a Lender

Every once in a while when new clients come to JWB to invest in rental properties, they ask if they can use their own lender for finance. We have found that it's actually much more advantageous for all involved to use a lender that knows JWB and the turnkey investment model thoroughly, and that's why we match you with a lender in our network.

Why Use Our Recommended Lender

First and foremost, we've found that other lenders out there tend to promise the world and then they don’t deliver. Clients come to JWB for a peace of mind experience. Working with a lender that JWB has personally vetted is one of the first positive steps in that direction.

JWB has already closed dozens if not hundreds of loans with our lenders. And that's important because they understand the level of customer service that we require for our clients.

Bank Overlays

These are rules that some banks must follow in processing loans that could make it impossible for them to provide a loan to you. The problem is, many times the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing in a bank. If you were to work with an outside lender, you wouldn't find out about these overlays until you had invested a lot of time and money in the process.

JWB has already thoroughly investigated any potential bank overlays with our preferred lenders. When they give you the pre-approval, it means the loan is going to close before interest rates go up. The team at JWB will discuss this with you thoroughly in a phone call with us and your lender.

JWB wants to help you achieve better returns and loan terms are a big part of that. You should have confidence to know that the rates and terms will be very competitive and many times better than what you may be able to find on your own.

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