What Makes JWB Different from Other Property Management Companies?

JWB is very different than most property management companies, and we believe you'll find that is a good thing. We believe our value to you will be far more than what a normal property management company can deliver.

Premium Service Provider for Better ROI

All investors pay attention to fees, but our clients also see the value in premium service because they know it translates to higher returns and a better experience in the long run. Our value begins with the quality team we put together and the core values we follow as a company – this strategy will always beat one based on cheaper fees.

How Investors Benefit

As an owner of rental properties, the length of time your tenants stay is a key factor in the success of your rental portfolio. Most property managers will have tenants sign a one year lease. We have found that longer term leases set our clients up for better returns, which is why our average lease duration is over 30 months. We also resign 70% of our residents who come up for renewal. Our average tenant stay is around 3 years across our entire rental portfolio.

Imagine what kind of impact this could have on your returns! Longer term leases can provide you with consistent, positive cash flow while reducing the stress of vacancies.

Maintenance Price Agreements

JWB does over $1 million in construction each month. Because of this we've negotiated fixed pricing with our contracting team which is passed on to you as a client of JWB. This means that you'll pay much less for repairs and overall maintenance as you're benefiting from our buying power and preset agreements with quality contractors.

Lower maintenance costs and long term leases over time can make a big impact on your returns!

Next Steps

Want to learn more about investing in rental properties passively? Watch our free webclass and discover the 3 keys that every investor should know before they make their first rental property investment. If you have any questions or if you would like to speak with a member of our team, please fill out the form or give our office a call at (904) 677-6777.

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