Tips for Renting Your Home in the Summer


Even though the weather isn’t exactly conducive for moving, summer is the high season in Florida for pulling up stakes and finding a new home. Families want their kids to finish school years in familiar surroundings and employers offer new jobs in the spring and summer.

If you’re actively selling or leasing a home during this period, summertime is a double-edged sword. Half the people who move each year do so in the summer, but it’s also the time of year when they have the most for-sale and for-rent inventory to choose from.

These tips can give you a competitive edge without a big investment in marketing dollars.

Tips for Renting Your Home in the Summer

Keep the air conditioning on. Unless you live next door to the home you’re trying to sell or rent, invest in a Wi-Fi thermostat. Nothing discourages people from spending time in a property faster than hot temperatures inside a sticky home. Keep the temperature at 80 degrees when it’s not being viewed to keep the humidity levels low and dial the temperature down an hour before you show it.

Clean the yard, focusing on its appearance from the street. It’s hard to change a first impression, so make sure the yard comes across as groomed as possible. Pull visitors to the front door by adding some landscape interest like flower bowls or potted plants.

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Be sure the door is clean and inviting.

Set the Stage

Walking into a completely empty home leaves a bit too much to the imagination, so many experts recommend that sellers and landlords stage the home to highlight its features.

Stock the refrigerator with bottled water. Large real estate companies often have their supplier put custom labels on them as a marketing tool. You might be able to add a string tag to the neck of the bottle with your information on it, or print sticky labels with your name, website and phone number.

If you want to include snacks, choose cookies or energy bars that won’t melt and stain the flooring or furniture.

Play up the swimming pool or highlight it if it’s shared community feature. Place a pile of towels on a patio chair and decorate with a few pool noodles or toy shovels and pails. If it’s a private pool in the backyard, be sure it’s clean and free from yard debris.

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Help Them Do Their Homework

Sell people on your neighborhood.  Since it’s hot, people are less inclined to walk a neighborhood or spend time driving through it in their free time. Renters are more likely to be less familiar with the neighborhood, since theirs is a temporary commitment, unlike home buyers who have a financial interest in location.

Make it easier on everyone by locating the things that are likely to be important to them on printed, takeaway maps or giving them a list by store or amenity type. Give addresses and GPS coordinates. Tools like Google Maps an help easily find places and points of interest and lets you print the maps and work with smart phones.


Local schools, street addresses, and phone numbers. If you get their email addresses, you can send them a document that’s linked to the school district’s website, making it easy for them to learn more.

List the nearby grocery stores, gas stations, and post offices. If you have a popular grocery store such, as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s nearby, highlight them.  Many people consider proximity to either of these stores a real advantage.

Show freeways and major transportation corridors on a map, along with any public transportation routes.

Parks and recreational areas within easy driving distance from the property.

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