The Future of the Jacksonville Market, its Young Professionals, and its Veterans


Last week’s Not Your Average Investor Show is a conversation with the CEO of K9s For Warriors, member of Jacksonville City Council, and person whose name always comes up when talking about future Jacksonville mayors – Rory Diamond.

This was one of the most fun conversations with a really dynamic guy where we discussed:

  • Why Jacksonville is living through its most important moment in history: in this generation, Jacksonville will decide how to evolve from old Southern city, to city of the future.
  • How to make an ask: Rory finds it best to align yourself with a good purpose, explain the benefits to people, and give them the option to participate.
  • Why talented professionals are choosing to become non-profit executives: this generation of professionals are seeking purpose over corporate jobs.
  • What to focus on when networking: the best connections happen when you are being as genuine as possible.
  • Why it’s important for veterans to have therapy dogs and how to stop others from abusing the privilege: Rory is helping create a standard accreditation for service animals so those who really need them aren’t held back by those who are taking advantage of a loophole.

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