The Best Part of the Year at JWB- Want In?

At JWB, we sell turnkey rental properties and do property management for clients, but our goals are a lot bigger than that. We want to change people’s lives and be a positive influence and we get the opportunity to do that throughout the year. But there’s one day that
stands out as the best day of the year. And it’s coming up very soon!

That is the day we build a brand-new construction home and we get to give it to a local veteran who has served our country admirably and needs a helping hand. So let me bring you up to speed.

The 4th annual JWB Charity Golf Tournament takes place on Monday, March 1st at Glen Kernan Golf and Country Club here in Jacksonville. While many organizations outsource charity events like this, I love that my entire team comes together for this. Either way is incredible, but it is important to us that all 80 people on our team are involved in bringing this event together.

In addition to our team involvement, we are blessed to have an amazing list of sponsors. This year alone the golf tournament has raised over $100k that is going right to the construction of this home so we can change someone’s life.

After the charity golf tournament, we get to have the home donation and dedication ceremony. It will be an unforgettable day giving him the keys and watching as he walks across the threshold to his brand-new home.


I wanted to share a story about the first veteran to whom we were able to donate a home and just how life-changing that experience has been for him and me.

His name is Rick. He served admirably for our country, and really suffered with PTSD and other issues upon his return home. Additionally, he went through a divorce and didn’t have a permanent housing solution for him and his son. Rick was really struggling.

We worked with our charity and donor, K9s for Warriors, which matches service dogs with veterans in need. Our team was ready to solve his housing problem!

I remember the first day I met Rick at the charity golf tournament several years ago. We were so excited to meet him, but I knew that we had to be very cautious because this is a life-changing moment and I didn’t know how he was going to react. He was cautious, too. He was so thankful, but it wasn’t a “go up and give him a big bear hug” situation. Fast forward to last year… Rick’s life had changed. (This is how it works – when you solve the housing problem, everything else has a better chance of working out.)

Since that day Rick, was able to get the home donation and had permanent housing, he was able to pursue a gemology career. Rick told me that when he didn’t have a home and a gemology career, it was hard to go through the day because his mind often wandered toward negative thoughts and he didn’t have anything to focus on. Through the JWB Cares home donation, Rick was able to have a home he could call his own. He then realized he wanted to become a gemologist, got a scholarship, went to California, became a gemologist, came back, and now he’s creating fine pieces of jewelry.

So when I saw Rick again at the golf tournament last year, he gave me a big bear hug and told me about how his life had changed. He told me that he spends hours every day creating fine jewelry, and the new-found focus that is necessary to do this craft is his saving grace. He told me how thankful he was to have a permanent housing situation and how his son is doing better in school. And though it was something I certainly would never have asked for, Rick took it upon himself to make me and my business partners rings as a sign of gratitude. I was so thankful for that. He followed that up by making an incredible necklace for my wife!

This is the type of story we get to be a part of through our house donation, the JWB Cares Charity Golf Tournament, and our relationships with our clients, residents, friends, family, staff, and vendors. Together, we get to share in this amazing story.


  1. 50/50 raffle – You can donate to JWB Cares at any time, but if you donate by February 28, you will be a part of the 50/50 raffle!
    Half the money raised goes to JWB Cares, and half will be a prize that will go to one lucky person. They are $10 per ticket. For a $50 donation, you get 10 tickets and for $100 donation, you get 25 tickets. So go ahead and buy as many as you can to support this incredible mission. Hopefully you’re the lucky winner as well!
  2. Donate to JWB Cares on any housing transaction or home loan with JWB. When you buy a property or do a private money loan with JWB, you will be asked if you’d like to donate to JWB Cares and we can just include it right on the closing statement. The typical donation is a $100, but you can donate any amount, and it just involves clicking a box. This can be done anytime throughout the year.


Every time we reach out and ask for support for our mission, you always show up and it means a lot to my team and the people you’re supporting. A very deserving local warrior’s life is going to be changed. I’m just super excited to be a part of it and hope you will be too!

Learn More Here: jwbcares.org/events

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