The 5 Profit Centers of Real Estate Investing Part 3: Home Price Appreciation

Home price appreciation, home price appreciation, home price appreciation. Try saying that out loud 3 times fast! The 3rd pillar of our 5 profit centers is home price appreciation, and perhaps where we excel best at JWB. You’ll want to read on to find out why.


What is Home Price Appreciation?

Home price appreciation (also referred to as HPA) is an important factor to consider when investing in real estate and by definition is the increase in a home’s value over time. This affects your ROI as a not so average investor. But, it can be hard to predict, because areas that have the best HPA typically have low supply, high demand, and high growth which increases your property value and the likelihood of future capital growth, or in other words, higher than average rents. 

When looking for investment opportunities, properties in areas with low housing inventory and strong job markets tend to have the highest potential for growth. Proximity to parks, restaurants, and other amenities can also drive up property values. Additionally, businesses located in close proximity to a neighborhood or proposed developments can increase the likelihood of increased home prices.


Where can I get Home Price Appreciation for my Investment Properties?

The question becomes less, how do I get home price appreciation, and more about where can I invest to access this profit center?

Well, good news! You're literally here already. Congratulations! We’ve done all the hard work for you. Feel free to stop now and call us and we’ll hook you up. If you’d like to learn more, keep going, because this is where it gets juicy.


Why is Jacksonville perfect for accessing Home Price Appreciation?

One of the primary focuses for us at JWB is the city of Jacksonville for the very reason of home price appreciation. Jacksonville’s growth has been astronomical. Since 1982, Jacksonville's home prices have risen 4.6% on average each year. That’s almost 25% more than similarly established cities.

Furthermore, according to the 2021 State of Downtown Jacksonville report, the city of Jacksonville itself currently has $4.7 billion in the downtown development pipeline. So all of that money from investors, businesses, and corporations is being spent to change the housing landscape of Jacksonville. 

What this means is that home price appreciation is primed and in effect for the city.


Why Invest with JWB?

While there are many companies that could help you with investing in such a perfect city, we’re the best, and that’s not a brag, it’s just factual. 

JWB Real Estate Capital is the nation’s only (literally we’re the only one) vertically integrated real estate investment company. The reason for this is twofold. 

#1 Jacksonville is our home. We love it and we care about the community as well as our investors. We’ve personally invested over xxx number? To the city’s corporate housing. 

  #2  We know that area value is a huge key to real estate growth. If an investment company is only focused on collecting rent, they aren’t in control of the other factors that can influence property values and rental rates. So while other markets might have fluctuating home price appreciation rates, we roll up our sleeves and get busy investing in the city. We make sure we’re working hard for your money, so you don’t have to.


JWB is invested in Jacksonville Home Price Appreciation Rate

All of these factors combine to ensure home price appreciation. We focus on the long haul, holding investments for a full market cycle (10-20) years, and watching that investment pay off for our clients. 

Because of our vertically-integrated experience, JWB clients have earned 79% more home price appreciation as compared to the average Jacksonville investor since 2013.  

Home price appreciation is a solid and tangible benefit to investing in real estate. 

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