Risk, Content, and Wealth Creation – the Rise of JWB Told by Co-Founder, Gregg Cohen


Last week’s Not Your Average Investor Show is a conversation with one of the co-founders of JWB… me, Gregg Cohen!

Sometimes you have to look back to understand what lies ahead.  We did precisely that.  

Things we looked back at:

  • The painful moment where I decided to take the entrepreneurial route: after being previously convinced that corporate life would be for me, I found myself depressed at work.
  • The counter-intuitive decision we made in 2008 that set us up for long term success: when the world was falling apart around us, and people were running from real estate, we decided to invest in people and systems.
  • The suggestion from my wife that resulted in finding our 3rd partner early in the business: her suggestion to call the paper to get news coverage was not only a successful piece of PR, it was the reason our now partner, Adam Rigel, reached out to join our company!

Things we looked ahead to:

  • JWB’s plan to continue evolving the investment category we champion: from new construction properties to multi-family developments, and the unique opportunities they represent.
  • The STILL untapped potential of Jacksonville as a market.

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