Retirement Planning: Strategies for Financial Freedom

If you're approaching retirement and looking for ways to make more money, investing in the Jacksonville Real Estate Market is one avenue you should consider. The Meleen family are a prime example of how successful you can be with the right guidance.

Ken and Carolyn Meleen, along with their daughter, started investing through JWB in 2019. Within just 2.5 years they had purchased 6 properties and earned $83,000 in rental income. Even when the pandemic struck earlier this year, they were able to remain calm and take advantage of deals offered by JWB's vertically integrated services.

Ken shared more about his experience on the Not Your Average Investor Show, and you can catch up on the episode!

How This Retiree Generated $83k In Passive Income During Covid

JWB has helped create a community of investors all striving for the same goal: financial freedom with real estate investments. So if you’re wanting to learn how to make more money in retirement, JWB can provide a roadmap to help get you from point A to B. Our vertical integration approach puts our clients at ease and ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process.

When it comes to funding, JWB can help figure out what works best for your individual needs. That's what makes us special—we excel in building trusting relationships with each and every one of our clients so they leave feeling comfortable and confident about their investment decisions. Take it from Ken—investing with JWB changed his life and it could do the same for yours too! To learn more or to schedule a call with our team click HERE.

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