Residential Real Estate Investing Defined

Being a newcomer to the real estate industry can introduce new concepts for investing. If you're experienced with investments like stocks or bonds, buying property to use as an investment is a different ball game. There are different branches of real estate that are defined for investors. The residential real estate investing industry is one of the most common for first-time investors.


What is Residential Real Estate Investing?

Homes, apartments and condos are all classified as residential markets in the housing industry. These are separate from commercial investing that revolves around corporate structures, public and government buildings. Investors who purchase housing or partially fund a purchase for a rental opportunity are contributing to residential real estate investing. There are different facets of this investing approach and some work better than others.

Common methods of residential investments in real estate includes:

1. Investing in Turnkey Rental Homes
2. Buying Foreclosed Homes to Flip
3. Buying into One or More REITs
4. Selling Homes After Renovations

Getting Started as a New Investor

Every person getting into real estate investing will be presented with their first opportunity to buy. The decisions that are made at this point can determine future success of property ownership. There are many options to buy a home that will be rented in the residential market. The advice that can be acquired by a person before a sale is processed could help ensure that no huge mistakes are made.

Residential Real Estate Buying Opportunities

As a new investor, you could be presented with an opportunity to by a home that will be your first rental. There are generally two ways that homes are purchased and include the following:

1. Private purchases
2. Public purchases

A private purchase is one that takes place from a current property owner. These are usually processed without the help of a real estate agent. Some homeowners who are relocating often place their homes up for sale privately to find a buyer quickly. Private purchases for residential property can also include sales from friends, acquaintances, family members or retired real state investors.

A public purchase is one that is made using a public platform. These are processed sales that are secured through turnkey investment companies, house auctions, realtors and bank foreclosures. These are public and open to any person who has the cash to complete the purchase. There are often more public opportunities for a new investors compared with private purchases.


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