Rental Real Estate Investing 101

The attraction of real estate is part of the property investing business. New investors get into the market for various reasons. Purchasing a rental home using cash or other sources still requires an understanding of how to manage the investment. This real estate investing 101 guide is meant to introduce the most helpful tips for maximizing property investments.


5 Rental Real Estate Investing Tips

1. Only Buy Cash Flowing Rentals

A lot of time can be used up during the research process for a property. Listings must be reviewed and sellers must be contacted to start the comparison process. One mistake that some investors make is not investing into a property that is setup for residual earnings. Homes that are on the market for a cheap price could be in a non-productive community. Shrinking economies are common in some cities in the U.S. Making sure that only a cash flowing rental property is purchased can seal the deal for future ROI.

2. Study Listings for At Least 90 Days

Active markets will have plenty of buyers and sellers. One way to learn as a new investor is to watch what is happening on a daily basis. A hot market will have enough properties to last for the immediate future. Losing out on what appears to be a great first buy can be rewarding in the end. Most experienced investors learn by studying the market for a period of 90 to 180 days on average. Many things can happen in a fast-paced market including changes to budgets and income sources. Waiting until the right time to invest is a good strategy.

3. Stay Away from Homes Needing Repairs

Some investment properties are for sale by owner or through other sources. A below market price for a property might mean that there are issues inside or outside with the home. Getting what is perceived to be a great deal on a home only to find out that thousands in repairs are needed to make it livable is a pitfall in the rental industry. By staying away from homes that need repairs, a new investor can be assured that income can be earned from monthly rent collection without paying for upgrades.

4. Rental Property Investing is a Long-Term Strategy

There are reports of investors who strike it rich with a property and continue to do so year after year. Real estate is positioned to be a long-term investment plan. Homes appreciate in value over a period of time. Income is derived from rentals on a monthly and annual basis. Putting the concept of short-term profits to bed and focusing on the long-term is usually best. Most successful rental property investors know how to earn money over the long haul.

5. Keep Working

The concept of using retirement money to help boost after-working dollars with real estate is a reality for most investors. Tapping into a 401(k), IRA or other financial source to buy a property is common. Younger investors who are not near retirement could find it best to continue working after buying a property. Money needs to be earned to help pay for repairs and other expenses. Investing into a second property could be a reality after a successful one pays for itself over time. These initial funds usually come from a day job or other consistent financial source.


Income Generating Rental Properties in Jacksonville

There are investment opportunities for cash flowing real estate presented on this website. Completing the contact form or asking for assistance from a company specialist can get any new investor started. A turnkey rental home in Jacksonville could be a smart first investment. The market in Florida continues to grow and rental prices are some of the highest in the nation. Learn more!

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