New Direction in JAX Leadership, the Best Way to Get a Great Office Space, and a Purposeful Career with Oliver Barakat


This week’s Not Your Average Investor Show is a conversation with the Senior Vice President of CBRE, board member of the Downtown Investment Authority, and Vice Chair of Downtown Vision, Inc- Oliver Barakat.

Since he’s a commercial real estate expert and downtown advocate, we discuss:

  • The rapid growth and revitalization neighborhoods throughout Jacksonville have experienced– with 30,000 people per year moving to Jacksonville, neighborhoods like Springfield and San Marco (that were once completely dilapidated) have turned into thriving live/work/play ecosystems.
  • What is different about downtown’s forecast this time around– there has been key changes in leadership that are proving to pay off in shaping our city.
  • How the Downtown Investment Authority is really benefiting Jacksonville– having an entity that is forecasting and making smart decisions specifically related to growing downtown has been a major benefit. 
  • The health of the commercial realty market in Jacksonville– the growth of employment numbers and lack of new office offering has created a healthy market for commercial office space.
  • How to get the most out of your commercial realtor– it sounds counter-intuitive, but committing to one realtor allows for your mutual best interests to align, and creates the best case scenario for the businessperson seeking office space.

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