Keys to Investing in the Coronavirus Economy with JWB Co-Founder, Gregg Cohen

We surveyed our Facebook group about what kind of content they most wanted to see, and we got the message loud and clear: you want more education around rental investing concepts!

We formed our Facebook group to better serve our clients and community.  As soon as we heard, we shifted the focus of the Not Your Average Investor Show to more of what YOU want!

This week I delivered a presentation on How To Invest During The Coronavirus Economy.  I taught the following concepts:

  • What are you looking for as an investor?  At JWB we value having limited downside, cash flow, and long term upside.
  • How have the more volatile asset classes performed? The stock market has lost 21% of its value since the start of the year, and continues to be mired in volatility.  Oil has lost 57% of its value this year, and its future lies in the hands of a few world leaders acting upon their own whims.
  • How have the historically considered “safe havens” like gold and bonds done? As money has become “scared,” it has rushed into gold and bonds.  Gold has risen 12% YTD. Bond yields have dropped 65% YTD and, because yields are inversely related to prices, bond prices have jumped substantially.  If you are thinking about where to invest your next dollar, it would be reasonable to assume that these two asset classes have significantly less upside than they did on Jan 1. 
  • Rental properties still represent the best mix of what we believe investors should look for.  Gold, bonds, and rental properties all have a high floor.  However, gold doesn’t provide monthly income, high upside, leverage, or tax savings.  Bonds provide monthly income, but don’t offer high upside or leverage. Rental income properties offer all of the above- a high floor, monthly income, high upside, leverage on your money, tax savings, and if you are investing with JWB, ease of use too.


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