JWB To Re-Open Investment Property Sales On Limited Basis

Dear JWB Clients, Friends & Family,

What a difference a year makes! About this time last year, our Executive Team reached out to all of our Clients personally to talk about upcoming changes in the Jacksonville real estate market and how our company was adapting so we could stay ahead of the curve.

Specifically, we saw an opportunity to create our own private placement fund called The BellaCoop Fund. To make a long story short, we knew prices would be going up so we wanted to create an investment vehicle that we believed would create better returns for both our Clients and our Company.

And, one year later, it looks like we were right. The market has been on fire here in Jacksonville and in other parts of the country. Every day there seems to be a new article about the rapid recovery of the housing market. JWB has even been featured in such publications as Bloomberg and the Jacksonville Business Journal as being among a small handful of companies in the country who seemed to “time the market” perfectly.

The only downside to this opportunity was that when it came to buying properties, we couldn’t have a conflict of interest as to whether we were buying for our Company or for The BellaCoop Fund. As a result, we had to make a very difficult decision to suspend all sales of investment properties to our current Clients while we were buying for The BellaCoop Fund.

One thing I assured all of our Clients in our conversations last year was that there will always be future opportunities to invest with us, even if the BellaCoop Fund wasn’t the right fit at that time. The thing about our Team is that we know change is always coming. We actually enjoy change and thrive off of it. So now, of course, I get to announce another change:

On a very limited basis, we will now be re-opening up sales of JWB investment properties to Clients starting immediately.

We are very excited to be able to present investment opportunities of cash-flowing rental properties to the Clients who have supported us through this period of growth. If you are interested in buying a JWB investment property, please contact Canitha Raynor at (904) 677-6777 or email her directly at Canitha@jwbcompanies.com.

Gregg Cohen, CEO
JWB Real Estate Capital

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