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JWB Real Estate Capital Teams Up with Equity Trust to Deliver Content-Packed Webinar

On Tuesday, April 16th, Gregg Cohen, CEO of JWB Real Estate Capital, teamed up with John Bowen of Equity Trust for a live training. The Webinar, 3 Keys to Building a Portfolio of 300 Cash Flowing Properties, is packed full of value. In the webinar, Gregg shares:

  • The fundamentals JWB has learned throughout the years to build a cash flowing portfolio
  • Why JWB’s Resident Expense Recovery is a win for the resident, the owner, and JWB
  • The value of long-term leases
  • Strategies to help real estate investors maximize their investment profits
  • How you could potentially find more funding and grow your retirement with self-directed real estate investing

To hear the webinar and learn more about how to meet your passive income portfolio goals, click here:

Gregg Cohen, CEO of JWB Real Estate Capital teams up with Equity Trust for Webinar – 3 Keys to Building a Portfolio of 300 Cash Flowing Properties

By Gregg Cohen

I am a co-founder at JWB Real Estate Capital, and I love to talk about investing in rental properties! You’ll often find me here contributing to our blog and in our Facebook group connecting with the community & sharing insights.

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