JWB Ranked #10 Fastest Growing Company in Jacksonville

This article was originally published by the Jacksonville Business Journal
Rank: No. 10
Revenue Growth: 78.05%

Alex Sifakis, president of JWB Real Estate Capital LLC, has a personal and business mission statement.

“Make people happy,” he said. “In business, focus on your employees and your clients. Make sure they are happy and thriving, and you will be successful.”

JWB buys properties, fixes them up as needed and sells them to people who want to own rental properties but don’t want to do any of the work. After the property is sold, JWB fully manages it, collects rent, handles maintenance and finds tenants. The company’s clients are in 37 states and 12 countries.

Most of the properties are single-family homes, but there are a few townhomes. JWB also buys lots and builds homes on them.

“We do a lot of building,” Sifakis said. “We are building 150 to 200 houses this year. Right now we are buying about 40 properties per month.”

Since 2006, JWB employees have given 4,150 volunteer hours. The company gives employees a half-day off once every other month, and they participate in a volunteer event together. For instance, they have built houses for Habitat for Humanity and helped with a canned food drive.

Sifakis is president of World Class Jax, a private-sector organization designed to turn Jacksonville’s Downtown into a world-class downtown by 2025.

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