JWB Property Management Takes Steps to Ensure a Positive Experience for Residents

By Michael Stetson, Manager of Property Management

As JWB Property Management rolls out Portfolio Property Management, we have a renewed focus on resident relations and have developed JWB’s Resident Relations Program.  Our property managers, Melissa, Stephanie, and Vaughn, are very excited to hone in on their individual portfolios and get to know the residents and the properties within their portfolios.  JWB is extremely happy to show our residents how important they are and how much we think about them by sending unexpected gifts, cards, and thoughts of appreciation throughout the year.  This program was developed to ensure residents are confident knowing that JWB appreciates them.  This will encourage open lines of communication and in addition provide added value to both the residents and property managers.  We know that by keeping a resident in the home for multiple years we are able to reduce maintenance and vacancy costs to our property owners.  We also know that keeping the lines of communication open ensures that we have as much insight into the home as possible and that the resident is comfortable coming to us with any issues.  So, what is included in JWB’s Resident Relations Program?

Move-In Package
Our Turnkey Clients may have noticed in the past that once a new resident moves into the property, $5.00 was charged for a “Move-In Package” to the owner’s portfolio.  This package has always been a reusable grocery bag branded with the JWB Property Management Logo, a plunger, and an auger.  The plunger and auger are great tools for our property managers and maintenance team to help solve maintenance issues over the phone and ensure plumbing upkeep.  
Recently, we have introduced a few more items to that move-in package:

1.    A silver key chain & refrigerator magnet with JWB Property Management Logo & Property Manager’s direct phone number
2.    A signed letter from the JWB Team welcoming the resident to their new home
3.    Information about insurance from State Farm and contact information for an agent as well.  The property managers use the State Farm information to speak with the resident about the added value of renters’ insurance and introduce them to this external teammate of ours.

We have recently published a monthly newsletter, similar to what you are reading now, to provide our residents with the added value of more information, maintenance aid, and insight into Jacksonville activities.  The Resident Connection is written by the JWB Property Management team and includes articles with added-value topics, including proper maintenance for an HVAC unit, how to change a filter, how to maintain a home during summer weather, and more. We have received a number of great testimonials from our residents letting us know they appreciate what our team does and are willing to refer us to friends and family.

Resident Referral Program

Our business is primarily built on referrals, whether that be with our clients or our residents.  We know and appreciate how far a personal recommendation can go.  We ask our residents to let us know of any friends or family who may be moving soon, so that JWB Property Management and the Leasing Team can help find them a home that fits their needs.  This is just the beginning of JWB’s Resident Relations Program.  The Property Management team has also built a neighborhood watch program, sent anniversary gifts to residents at the one-year mark of their residency at the property, sent thank you cards to residents who have shown exceptional care of their home, developed ‘thinking of you gifts’ to be sent throughout the year (the most recent a JWB branded potholder), and provided the residents who may be struggling with personal issues a number of assistance programs. The item that has had the biggest impact on Resident Relations is Portfolio Property Management, which is truly allowing JWB’s Property Managers to get to know the properties under their management and build relationships with the residents in these properties.  We look forward to updating you as Resident Relations continues to improve, and share the impact that is seen with our residents and our Property Management team throughout the process.

Mike Stetson is the Manager of JWB Property Management.  JWB currently serves over 700 residents in Jacksonville and has been recognized in the top 10 lists for Property Managers by the Jacksonville Business Journal.  To learn more about our investment properties please call us at (904) 677-6777 or email info@jwbcompanies.com

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