JWB offers mortgage payment guarantee on new purchase contracts now through May 31, 2020

I've had several folks reach out to me lately, asking what my current approach is to investing in rental properties. And my answer is simple, it hasn't changed! I entered into this asset class looking for long-term consistency. I encourage folks who are seeking the same to reach out to us, because we're here to help you achieve that.

We always start our conversations with potential clients by asking what their long-term goals are with their portfolio. If you are someone who is looking at what's going to happen 1-6 months out, this is probably not the asset class you should be investing in. However, if you are someone who plans to buy a rental property, and hold onto it for a market cycle, which is 10-20 years, than what is happening for this short-term disruption due to the Coronavirus shouldn't affect your decision to buy. JWB is confident that we will continue hitting your return expectations over the long-run, plus you get that added bonus of Jacksonville's amazing appreciation.

With that being said, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of negative news out there right now, and we wanted to offer a peace of mind to those considering an investment in rental properties. If you put a property under contract in the month of May, JWB is committed to guarantee your mortgage payment, in the event that your rent does not come in, for up to 6 months. Our goal has always been to help our clients achieve their long-term passive income goals, and we're offering this opportunity to continue doing just that.

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Stay positive,

Gregg Cohen

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