Discover Why Nick and Terry Decided to Invest with JWB

Join us as we hear from our valued clients Nick and Terry Palmieri as they discuss their experience and success from working with JWB:

Mike Stetson: Nick and Terry, would you mind telling us why you decided to invest with JWB?

Terry: We just retired from teaching in June from teaching and we wanted to go ahead and try to grow our future financially. We looked around at different options and came across JWB Real Estate Capital.

Nick: We were looking for solid to property to invest in. We did our due diligence and vetted JWB by searching online, looked at their Better Business Bureau reviews etc. We then talked to Mike Stetson and reviewed the spreadsheets he sent over.

After all our review, we felt really good about the organization. What we really liked was the organizational culture at JWB. I taught at universities and I taught organizational behavior. What they're using, they're actually implementing and from my understanding of what works, they are a strength based company. They create a positive culture for their team.

They have a strong team here and everybody communicates with each other. There were no silos. When we walked in, we saw people smiling and that makes a big difference because I know if I want to align myself with an organization, it needs to align with my own values.

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