Jacksonville Population Is Booming!

We wanted to share an article we came across recently in the Jacksonville Business Journal about the population growth in our area. This is good news for existing investors or those thinking of rental property investing in the Jacksonville market.

Jacksonville Population Continues to Grow

The population in Jacksonville, FL grew 2% year-over-year which is over 1.5 million people! This makes Jacksonville one of the fastest growing population growth rates in the country.

What does this mean for property investors?

Growth Market

Population and growth is an important factor when choosing a real estate market to invest in. This is an often overlooked profit center as most focus solely on returns. Cash flow and return on investment are important, but if you’re looking to build a portfolio of properties for the long term, then we strongly recommend researching the market itself as well. Here’s why:


There are many benefits to owning rental property – cash flow, good return-on-investment, tax savings, asset appreciation and more. If you hold your rental properties for 10-20 years, you can also benefit from long term asset appreciation. Analyzing real estate markets in search for those with high growth potential, like an increasing population, can increase your property value and overall return on your investment.

Jacksonville Investors

Clients of JWB choose to invest in Jacksonville for this reason. Our clients enjoy lower home prices, higher rental rates, competitive cash flow, great return on their investment AND great long term appreciation from the growth that Jacksonville offers – which makes their rental property portfolios even stronger!

Next Steps

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