Differences Between IRA and Conventional Loans for Rental Homes

Coming up with the approximate funds to invest in real estate can sometimes mean that financing is involved. Because not every adult is rich beyond their dreams, a loan package might be required to help someone invest in a rental property. Being aware of differences between IRA and conventional loans for rental homes is something that nearly all investors can benefit from.

3 Benefits of a Conventional Loan 


3. Loans Available Locally

Many investors choose one or two banks to work with when lending is required to fund a real estate purchase. Someone who chooses to invest in-state or out of state can pick out a lender at the local level. This could be a standard bank or a credit union offering rental home loans. 

2. Fixed Interest Rates Available

Investors who plan to buy and hold a property can benefit from a fixed interest rate with a conventional loan. While there are people who prefer an adjustable rate mortgage, getting a fixed interest rate can help an investor to budget for the ongoing costs of rental home ownership. 

1. Collateral Loans Available 

It is typical for an investor to own one or more properties when building a rental income business. Someone who can leverage an existing property as collateral for a new property purchase could have an advantage. There are lenders who might agree to supplemental borrowing to help a person with less than a 740 credit score become approved for a loan.

3 Benefits of IRA Loans 


3. Most Accounts are Eligible

Taking out a loan is easy with most types of accounts. There are some exceptions although a rollover might make sense for simple, SEP or other disqualified plans. There are many investors who have unused retirement account funds they are holding onto.

2. Loans Can Be 50% of IRA Values

For a qualified account, a person can normally take out a loan of up to 50%. This larger amount places most adults in the range of paying for a property in full or adding to a down payment for a rental property purchase.

1. Second Loans are Available 

It is a typical approach by investors who buy a rental home to want to invest in another home. Regardless if a first loan is paid in full, a second loan could be possible when all conditions are met. This decreases the need for third-party approval at a standard bank.

Financing Real Estate with IRAs or 401(k)s

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