How to Find Cheap Real Estate

One of the fastest pathways to earning passive income is through the real estate market. Investors who have the confidence and courage needed can most likely succeed with investment properties. While flipping a house for a quick buck is not always easy, learning how to find cheap real estate can be more lucrative to investing beginners.


Top 4 Places to Find Property Deals 

1. Turnkey Property Companies

If the upfront cash of buying a home and fixing one up is too much to go through, turnkey real estate is a viable option especially for a beginner. JWB and other companies in the U.S. provide a turnkey property with a paying tenant to offer a fully managed solution for investors. This method does provide immediate returns on a cash or financed sale over the long term.

2. Foreclosure Search

Homeowners who have entered the foreclosure process usually have a tough time holding onto their property. While every state has its own foreclosure laws, it is possible to save money by purchasing properties that have been foreclosed upon. There are several top websites that offer a foreclosure search option. A reliable group of websites includes:


Bank of America Foreclosures





3. Multiple Listing Service

Realtor organizations own and control the MLS or multiple listing service in the United States. Almost every city that lists licensed realtors has its own MLS database. Owners of homes who are trying to sell their house to avoid foreclosure often use multiple listing brokers to advertise a home for sale. Browsing the MLS in a city where investment growth is prominent can be a good way to find property deals this year.

4. Tax Sales

Just like foreclosure sales, a tax sale or trustee sale can be a good place to find properties that are hitting the open market. These sales are conducted through a strict legal process and can have minimum bid amounts. Most sales are sold through an auction and are homes that do not sell are scheduled for a later auction date. The negatives to a taxation sale is the risk of buying a property that has liens, multiple title owners or needs too many repairs. 

JWB: Coastal Real Estate Experts

Homes located near the coast usually provide higher rent collectible for property owners. JWB provides the tools that investors can rely upon to build an investment portfolio that is profitable. A beginner or someone with experience interested in earning returns of up to 15 percent can obtain information through downloading the guide offered on this page. 

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