How To Be a Better than Average Investor

Are you an Average Investor?

Let’s cut to the chase: you want to be a smart investor. There’s a lot of investors out there, but what separates the mediocre, from the truly exceptional?

Vision. Foresight. Facts.


What Do Most Investors do?

If you’re like most investors, you invest in the stock market. Well, let’s get on the same page with today’s landscape:

  1. Inflation is at a 40 year high, correlated with lower returns on equities.
  2. The Fed has raised interest rates the fastest in its history for the last 40 years (which is a long time regardless, but considering it only GOT control in 1951, this is the fastest it has risen for most of history.)
  3. We are still experiencing post-Covid supply chain issues worldwide. 

If all of this alone doesn’t spell economic turmoil, turn on any news outlet, you’re sure to hear about the looming recession (if we aren’t already in it).


What Should I be doing as an Investor?

As a visionary investor, you should know there’s a better, more stable option for your investments than stocks (which are down 17%), bonds (down 13%), gold (down 15%), crypto (down 60%, ouch!). 

The answer is simple: Real Estate, specifically with JWB Real Estate Capital.

As a more stable asset class, real estate has the power to outlast recessions and provide long-term ROI and is vital to a truly diversified portfolio.


Investing in Jacksonville is Better for Real Estate Investing

The Jacksonville real estate market has maintained or increased in value since 1978 (with the exception of the Great Recession). In fact, DURING the last 5 out of 6 recessions, home values have actually increased in Jacksonville. 

JWB Real Estate Capital is able to produce investments with an estimated IRR between 11-12%. Primary factors to this growth include:

  • Home price appreciation: 4.6%
  • Higher Rents: .3% (as compared to the national average)
  • Vertical Integration: 100% better (okay, okay, not an exact figure, but we do believe this.)

Our ROI is impressive, but the vertical integration definitely takes the cake; vertical integration doesn’t stop at the property acquisition and management, it’s embedded in the very fabric of our city: Jacksonville.


Why JWB Real Estate Investing?

Since 2020, JWB has acquired the equivalent of 20 city blocks in downtown Jacksonville, that’s roughly 12% of the north bank. We see downtown Jacksonville's revitalization as a major opportunity for the city itself, our clients, and JWB. 

And, if you need more proof, know this: Because of our vertically integrated approach, JWB has gained 79% more home price appreciation than the average Jacksonville investor since 2013.

We think it’s pretty clear: Real Estate is the most consistent asset class you can be investing in right now. When you’re ready to execute with vision, give us a call. 

We’re here to help your money, make money.

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