Helping families and Building Communities: JWB brings one family’s dream to life

JWB’s mission statement reads: Changing people’s lives by delivering time ownership and financial freedom through passive real estate investments. As a company, we make every decision with this in mind. However, it does not stop at our client interactions, but throughout the community as well. I want to share with you a heart-warming story about how a member of our team helped a subcontracted employee own their own business.

About a week ago, our renovations department stood up in front of the entire team to present their mid-year update. The story that struck a chord with our team was the addition of small local companies to our vendor list. Not only is this decreasing the overall cost for subcontractor work (because we are granted a volume-based discount), but is helping the Jacksonville community by aiding in the growth of small businesses within the city.

Nearly every JWB renovation begins with a team removing material from the interior of the house so the rebuilding can begin. We used to pay a third party vendor to contract the demolition team at an hourly rate. Typically, this was an average cost of $1,100 per job, with the employees doing the work making an average of $50 per day. Michael Hamlin, Superintendent of JWB Construction Group, explained his reaction, “I stopped and thought to myself, there had to be a better way.”

Hamlin befriended the demolition team, and learned it was family working together. After many conversations and seeing their hard work, he began the process of helping them create their own business. He connected them with an attorney, insurance agent, and multiple other contacts in order to bring this dream to life. In roughly 2 months, Tammy and her family became Structured Demolition, LLC.

Solely contracted by JWB, Structured Demolition, LLC has tripled their business since they began in January of 2015. Needless to say, with the volume JWB provides they are always busy, and this volume has allowed for a decrease in our average cost to $580 per job. The level of work has also allowed for this family to go from making minimum wage to earning enough consistent income to afford a brand new truck that they use for their business. Tammy reinvests 30% of all earnings back into her business so they can continually grow and improve.

One of JWB’s Core Values is, “Finding better ways to better lives.” Michael Hamlin truly went above and beyond by providing the connections and resources to Tammy for her to become a proud, successful business owner. Needless to say we are proud to have him on our team, and appreciate the opportunity to share this with you. When asking Hamlin how this series of events made him feel he simply responded, “It’s a great feeling to help a company grow from nothing to what they needed to be to succeed in this world. We helped 6 family members find financial freedom and become successful business owners.”

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