Faster Ways to Build Wealth

Many adults have blockades that can prevent them from packing away more cash that can be used for investment purposes each year. Apart from the daily expenses that all people have, there are likely little things that eat up available funds that could normally be put towards growing investment dollars. The faster ways to build wealth described on this page could work for the average investor. 

5 Wealth Building Strategies


There are many tips and articles published annually by media sources that center around earning more income to build wealth. While making a few extra bucks a month can come in handy, one problem that most adults have is increased expenses.

5. Negotiate More Often 

No price is set in stone in this day and age. While some adults never question a price tag, others who are good at saving money will always negotiate. Buying a new television, automobile, home utilities or retail products could be negotiated. Savvy adults who have mastered the art of negotiation save upwards of 25% on average. 

4. Reduce Taxes

Higher income can also mean a higher tax bracket. Adults who can take steps now to save more money could pay less on taxes at the end of the year. Maxing out annual 401K or IRA contributions is an excellent way to get an instant tax reduction of up to 25%. Spending the money and consulting with a good tax accountant could help reveal more ways to reduce annual taxation. 

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Cutting costs is important to saving money faster. Paying for portfolio management fees, gym club memberships, dining out or extra cable or satellite channels can eat up extra funds. Someone who can bike to work instead of paying for gasoline or car repairs could save even more money faster.

2. Pay Down Mortgage or Debts

Mortgage debt is a type of debt that most adults can relate to although some smart homeowners have eliminated this burden. Credit card debt is the second most popular type of type that places limitations on income building strategies. Getting rid of these two debt forms can allow a person to save more money at a faster pace. Paying off a mortgage faster is an excellent wealth building tactic.

1. Find High-Yield Investments 

Stocks and bonds are not always the safest investments for adults to make. Analyzing current returns and estimating future returns can be a big help. There are some housing industry investments that return 15% or higher depending on the market. Tapping into these additional resources can quickly build a nest egg that can be used for retirement or other rewards.

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