Easy Decor Tips for Rental Properties

decor tips for rental properties

The ideal time to make improvements to a rental property is while it’s vacant. Deep cleaning and simple renovations are part of ownership responsibilities. Making any upgrades while a home is vacant shortens the time frame and reduces the labor. Implementing a few easy decor tips for rental properties will make your rental more appealing to renters, which will minimize the time it's vacant and boost your bottom line. Projects that return a high value for a low investment for rentals include:

Easy Decor Tips for Rental Properties

Thorough Cleaning

Even the most upgraded home won’t look good if it isn’t completely clean. Pay special attention to these often-overlooked home features:

  • Scrub the baseboards and window sills.
  • Wipe off all the grunge from kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Look under the lid of the washer and remove any dirt or soap residue.
  • Clean the base cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Look for signs of water leakage and tighten the pipes if necessary. It is possible to repair the cabinet floor without replacing the entire cabinet, a project you may need a handyman to do.
  • Deodorize the garbage disposal and dishwasher, and leave them open to prevent an odor buildup.

The home should look and smell fresh, but don’t go overboard on using cleaning products and air fresheners that have overwhelming odors. Prospective tenants may think that the perfumes are masking the smells of offensive smells, like tobacco smoke or pets from previous tenants.

Prioritize for Functionality in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Most visitors emphasize the appearance and functionality of the kitchen and bathrooms. If either of these rooms needs a new look, consider:

Painting the cabinets. Once the doors are off and primed properly, painting cabinets is an inexpensive, fast and effective way to spruce these rooms up. It’s far less expensive and faster than replacing the cabinets. If you use colors that are light and neutral, the rooms will appear brighter, larger and cleaner.

Installing new fixtures. Replace the faucets and drains when they’re stained, chipped, or have high levels of calcium buildups. If towel bars or light fixtures are dated, choose new products that match the finish on the faucets.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing is easier and more effective than a fresh coat of paint on walls that need attention. Steer clear of the bold trendy colors for your rental. Not everyone likes them. Instead, use light neutral colors that go with everything. If you want a more upgraded look, use accent paint on the floor, door and window trim.

Update Outlets, Switches, and Windows

If a fresh coat of paint highlights the old, yellowed electrical switches and outlets, consider upgrading them. As you choose replacements, look for the receptacles with USB ports. They’re a few dollars more, but adding one to each bedroom and the kitchen solves hassles associated with phone and device charging. They also distinguish your home from other properties they're considering.

Mini blinds break and curtains fade. Both are easy to replace and inexpensive. Go neutral with both and avoid fabrics that need dry cleaning. Thermal drapes will cut cooling and heating costs, which prolongs the lifetime of your HVAC system.

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Decorate the Inside for Showings

You can make your property more relatable for visitors by decorating it fully or partially. Rental centers stock everything you need at affordable prices. They usually offer free delivery and pickup.

Spruce Up the Exterior

Impressions about a home start from the street. The yard and the exterior should be well maintained and clean. Sweep the sidewalks and the driveway. Cure any brown spots in the lawn and trim the bushes.

Plants around the front door draw the eye in. If you use potted plants, choose succulents that don’t need as much water as the flowering color bowls sold at nurseries and home improvement centers.

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